Army warns against false claims spread by terror groups in Arunachal Pradesh

According to sources, these tactics are being used by the banned outfits for gaining ‘momentary publicity’ and spreading ‘confusion’ among the people in the region.

Officials say there have been a number of queries received in the last 24 hours with reference to the claim made by terror groups in killing 10 Army personnel in an ambush in Ruling (Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh).

“They claim that the incident happened on August 29 and surprisingly some news channels telecast the same without verifying with Army officials. This has given more credentials to their false claims,”says an official.

Claims devoid of any empirical facts: Army

Clarifying on the matter, an official said on Tuesday that the claims made by the terror groups are absolutely devoid of any empirical facts.

“It is true that two Army personnel suffered minor injuries yesterday in a skirmish with the members of one of the outlawed groups in Changlang. There are no casualties on our side as being propagated,” says the official.

The Indian Army have been carrying out extensive area domination operations, preventing the anti-national outfits from carrying out their activities.

“The false narrative is being circulated by the terror groups with an ulterior objective of undermining the security forces and to create terror and panic among the peace loving populace of the region,” says the official.

Old tactics by terror groups: Maj Gen Venugopal (Retd)

Speaking to Mathrubhumi, Major General K S Venugopal (Retd), former  General Officer Commanding, Kerala and Karnataka Sub Area, Indian Army said that ‘false propaganda’ is a tool often used by terror outfits.

“These outfits have public support in some pockets. There are so many groups and the people tend to believe what they spread at times. Their main aim is to bring down the morale of Army,”says Maj Gen Venugopal (Retd).

He said in earlier days when the technology wasn’t advanced, there were instances when the Army too have fallen prey to these ‘evil designs.’

“Nowadays it is difficult to believe such false news, due to the availability of technology. The terror outfits are also using mobile phone applications to spread propaganda stuff,”he said.

According to him, the Army is equally up to the task to counter these ‘gimmicks’ being played out by the terror groups.

“Spreading false news has become a common trend now. It is nothing new. The Army knows it. The people are also aware of it,” says Maj Gen Venugopal (Retd), a veteran in handling many such situations.

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