Indian Army to develop own Command Level War Game Simulator

The Indian Army is attempting to develop an indigenous software for what is called a simulated command post exercises (CPX), on the likes of the US Army.

Sources at the Army headquarters said that the computer-driven CPX involving the participation by command, staff, and communication personnel will be a high point of the upcoming India-US joint Army exercise between 14-27 September at Indian Army’s Chaubatia military station in Uttarakhand’s Ranikhet.

Simulated CPX will be a key component of the exercise themed on Counter-Terrorism operations in mountain terrain under the UN charter”.

Sources at the Army headquarters here said that a special request was made to the US contingent “for sharing of simulation and exercise design”.

A source said that India is aiming at holding its own indigenous computer driven CPX from 2018 onward. Simulated CPXs are considered a high quality training tool by throwing realistic combat scenarios.

Codenamed Yudh Abhyas – 2016, this is an annual exercise between the two armies and will be the first military engagement between India and the US after the two countries signed the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement’ (LEMOA) recently.

225 personnel each belonging to infantry divisions of both the countries’Armies will be participating this year at Yudh Abhyas , a bilateral exercise that began in 2004 as part of US’Pacific focus.

As part of the combined training, the two contingents will train on sharing operational capabilities to improve interoperability between the two armies.

In 2015 , the exercise was held at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington.

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