Fighter Aircraft’s India might receive by the End of 2016

A strength of any nation’s military depends on how well it can defend, and offend in the three fronts of war – land, sea, and air. The Air Force of any military team in the world is always one of the most important segments of the military, for a strong air team means a wider reach and increased ability to harm. The Indian Air Force, holding itself at rank four in the world, in terms of the size of the force, is one of the strongest forces in the world, equipped with several deadly weapons and instruments of war, and of them are its fighter jets. Following are the Aircraft’s India might receive by the end of 2016.


1. HAL Tejas

Indian Air Force

         The HAL Tejas fighter is designed and Developed by Hindustan aeronautical Limited. A single engine jet plane with delta wing design. The previously known as Light combat Aircraft Or LCA. The Tejas is the second supersonic fighter developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).The Tejas was cleared in January 2011 for use by Indian Air Force pilots. It received the second of three levels of operational clearance on 20 December 2013. On 17 January 2015, the first Tejas LCA was officially inducted into the IAF, with final operational clearance (FOC) expected to be in the middle of 2016. The first Tejas squadron to be based at Coimbatore is scheduled to enter service by 2017-2018.

Name HAL Tejas
Developed By HAL
Type Multi role Fighter jet
Origin Country India
First flight 2001
Introduction 2015
Status Under testing by air force
Primary user Indian Airforce, Indian Navy
Cost 160 crore RS for Mark 1
190 crore for mark 2
Crew 1
length 13.20 meters
wingspan 8.20meters
Height 4.40 meters
wing area 38.4 meters
Empty weight 6.5 tonnes
Maximum takeoff weight 13.2 tonnes
Engine 1 x General electric F404 turbofan with afterburner
Fuel capacity 2500 kg
Speed 2205 km/hr
Range 3000 km
Combat Radius 500 km
Ferry range 1700 km
service ceiling 50000 ft
Hardpoins 8
Armaments and weapons Guns: 1x 23 mm gsh canon,
Rockets: s-8 135mm rocketpods,
Missiles: Astra, Derby,python5,R-77,R-73,kh-59me,kh59mk, KH-35,KH31
Bombs: KAB-1500 laser bombs,
GBU16 pavway2,FAB-250,ODAB-500PM,ZAB-250,
Avionics Adavanced AESA Radar Isareli EL-M2052
Electronic warfaresuit,
IRST, LITENING Targeting pods

Indian Air Force

2. Dassault Rafale

Indian Air Force


The most significant development of 2015 was the scrapping of the $20-billion (Rs 1.45 lakh crore) Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) deal for the purchase of 126 French Dassault Rafale fighter jets.

On 10 April 2015, during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Paris, it was announced that India would buy 36 Dassault Rafales in fly-away condition. The deal was finalised in November 2015, and will be signed in January 2016 on the eve of French President François Hollande’s visit to India for Republic Day celebrations.the first aircraft will be delivered to the IAF by early 2019, with the full complement of aircraft to be delivered by 2023.


Name Dassault Rafale
Developed by Dassault Aviation
Type Multirole Fighter jet
Origin Country  French
First flight 1996
Introduction 2001
Status In active service
Primary user French Air Force,French Navy,Egyptian Air Force,Qatar Air Force,Indian  Air Force(expected)
Cost $74,000,000 or 1000 crore
Indian Air Force

3. Sukhoi/HAL FGFA

Indian Air Force


The programme for India and Russia to jointly develop a Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft  long touted as the flagship of a time-tested defence relationship, has run into a stone wall.
Documents available with Business Standard indicate India’s defence ministry  is cold-shouldering Russian requests to continue the negotiations on a “R&D Draft Contract”, which will govern the partnership to develop a futuristic, fifth-generation fighter.

According to the MOD representative, an alternative to the Russian T-50 could be the American F-35, which is also undergoing final tests. “However, India has often ignored hints from the USA regarding the possible delivery of this aircraft”, the representative said.

India said on August 12, it might purchase three squadrons of ready Russian fifth generation T-50 fighters, instead of constructing 127 similar aircraft with Russia. India does intend to build its own fifth generation fighters called AMCA.

FGFA was the earlier designation for the Indian version, while the combined project is now called the Perspective Multi-Role Fighter (PMF).

The completed PMF will include a total of 43 improvements over the T-50, including stealth, supercruise, advanced sensors, networking and combat avionics.Two separate prototypes will be developed, one by Russia and a separate one by India.The aircraft is expected to be pressed into service by 2022.

Name Sukhoi/HAL FGFA or PMF
Developed by Sukhoi Aviation Company and Hindustan Aeronautics limited
Type Fifth Generation Air Superiority Fighter
Origin Country  Russia and India
First flight Under Development
Introduction Under Development
Status Under Developent
Primary user Indian  Air Force
Cost $ 100 million or 650 crore


Indian Air Force

we hope these deals are signed soon so that we receive the best fighter jets out there….

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