Lions for Lambs – One of the most inspiring movie out there

The movie “Lions for Lambs” is a talkathon with a certain amount of military action. It could be presented about as well as a radio play. Directed by Robert Redford, it uses an all-star cast which focuses attention away from the dialogue and toward the performances.The movie which was released in 2007 didn’t get a lot of attention but it is one of my personal favourites.


The movie follows three storylines, plus flashbacks linking all of them. In Washington, a veteran journalist sits down for an exclusive interview with a Republican senator who has presidential ambitions. In Los Angeles, a political science professor sits down to discuss the purposes of life with a brilliant but disappointing student . And in Afghanistan, two of the professor’s former pupils are involved in a firefight on a snowy mountain peak when they fell out of the helicopter while being engaged by Taliban Insurgents.


As it happens, they are involved in the very military strategy that the senator is touting to the journalist. It involves seizing the high ground in Afghanistan earlier in the season than the Taliban can get there, to control mountain passes and therefore prevent Taliban troop movements. The Cruise character presents this as a strategic breakthrough on a level with, I dunno, Nelson’s rout of Napoleon.

In Los Angeles, the promising student has just stopped caring, and the talk with his professor is designed to reignite his passion. He should get involved in his nation’s politics — take an interest, take a stand. A flashback sequence shows the two soldiers winning a classroom debate by calling the other side’s bluff: They have enlisted in the military.



Though the name of the movie isn’t quite appealing,this movie will surely motivate you enough to think about your life and your future.

Interested ? Take a look at this trailer….

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