INSAS Assault Rifle compared to AK-47/AKM Assault Rifle

The INSAS is basically an AK-74 (not -47) modified to fire 5.56×45 NATO ammunition with slightly different operating controls.   Unlike the parent platform, it has a reputation for unreliability under harsh conditions, and the Indian military is actively evaluating replacements currently in the form of MCIWS.It’s only real virtue, from the perspective of the Indian military, is that it’s 100% home grown. Compared to other contemporary service rifles, it is well below par.



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Before comparing these two Assault Rifles,keep Following in mind :

1. INSAS is basically a reverse engineered version of Ak-47.

2. There are only minor diffrences in the two.

3. There are only minor diffrences in the two.

4. INSAS does not have automatic mode firing like Ak.

5. INSAS is longer and heavier.

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Now lets compare these two Assault Rifles :

1. Insas is a evolution of earlier used SLR and AK 47, so it has few features from both the weapons.

2. It does not have automatic firing mode as in AK thereby reducing the rate of fire.

3. The leathality of weapon depends on ammunition and not the weapon, so AK47 is made for the kill whereas INSAS is primarily meant to incapacitate.

4. The ammunition in AK 47 is NATO grade and thus more powerful and has a range of 400 meters, INSAS in order to achieve the    same range has been made longer and is thus slightly inconvenient over ak.

5. The Ak magazine is made of steel and is opaque, thus one isn’t aware as to how many rounds are left, while firing unless counted, however INSAS magazine is translucent and thus it is easy to know when your magazine is nearing empty.

6. The cost of production INSAS is more than the cost of AK47 imported, which may be due to the heavy production in other countries.

7. The butt of AK47 is inherently foldable whereas that of insas is fixed, however other versions of both the weapons exist but are  uncommon in Indian army.

8. The effectiveness of AK in todays ‘close quartered battle’ is extremely high over that of INSAS.

9. The biggest reason for introduction of INSAS in India was not to improve effectiveness but to provide employment to many sitting idle in the ordinance factories and earn fame, even if it means discarding a better weapon.(people who make these policies are actually never going to fire any of the weapons, even in the eventuality of war).

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5 thoughts on “INSAS Assault Rifle compared to AK-47/AKM Assault Rifle”

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  2. Being an NCC cadet and having fired the INSAS I’d like to correct you on a few wrong points you’ve made about the INSAS.

    The problem with every single “defense bloggers” of India is that none of them have ever even so much as touched an INSAS but are all full of opinions. Which they got from a few sources also on the internet, turning them into parrots. Blindly copying without knowing.

    1) It is unreliable- IT’S NOT! During the Kargil war, a few INSAS leaked oil, and a few rifle’s magazine cracked because of the cold. NEVER DID IT MALFUNCTION, OR STOP FIRING. That was INSAS Mk-1 (the earlier models) THE INSAS USED TODAY IS NOT THE SAME RIFLE.
    *Today’s INSAS is 1B1 variant of INSAS.*
    Where all the previous problems were fixed.

    2) INSAS is inferior- “INSAS was not made to increase effectiveness but to provide employment to the idle people sitting in ordinance factory” I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this extremely stupid statement of yours. The army my friend is not the same as NGOs and rozgar yojna departments of the govt. Do you have any idea how many infiltration attempts are made every 24 hours into India? No idea? well, 16 on average. Once the terrorists succeeded, and we had 21/11. So please, let’s cut the horse excreta and talk sense. The ordinance factory workers will get salary even if they did work on any new gun.

    3) INSAS not being effective in Close quarters- For your information my friend, INSAS is 5.56mm and AK-47 is 7.62
    You are giving a 7.62mm edge over a 5.56mm rifle in CQB? or is it that you don’t understand the meaning of CQB?

    4) INSAS is made on the infantry doctrine of the Indian Army, that gives priority to Accuracy over firepower. This doctrine is old and the army is coming out of it. Hence that makes the INSAS old too. That is why the army is looking to replace it. The INSAS is Heavy because special measures were taken to increase its accuracy. EVEN US SOLDIERS ADMITED THAT INSAS WAS A MORE SHARPER RIFLE THAN THEIR M4. (not a superior rifle than the MR, but more accurate) THE US SOLDIERS ALSO NOTED THAT THE INSAS HAS NEARLY NO RECOIL, INCREASING THE ACCURACY EVEN FURTHER. This Accuracy over everything doctrine came from the times when Indian army were armed with bolt action Rifles that went up against Chinese AK56 rifles and the Chinese were able to kill 88 Indian soldiers with their Automatic heavy attack tactics while Indians with ACCURACY DOCTRINE was able to slay 458 Chinese soldiers. Later with the SLR rifle, Indians got similar results. Hence the accuracy doctrine stayed. It’s not old and so is the INSAS.

    4) Lethality of weapons doesn’t come from ammunition totally- Tukaram Ombgle took 28 rounds of 7.62 from the AK-47 (AKM) yet managed to unlock the door, undo the seat belt, punch Ajmal Ameer Kasab (the terrorist) into submission, grapple him out of the car seat. ASP Tukaram was 50 years old. A determined fighter is very very very difficult to stop. SHOT PLACEMENTS ARE KEY TO EFFECTIVENESS.

    Rest of information you gave is rarely accurate.

    I hope people read this. I’m leaving this as a reply to your mistakes.


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