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A new SUPER HUNTER Jet to be in Production in India

In a move long anticipated by industry insiders, Indian’s Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar announced today that Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) will produce a radically modernized version of the 1950s-vintage Hawker Hunter jet fighter.

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The original Hunter, a British design, first flew in 1951 and was widely exported. It proved popular with the Indian Air Force, which ordered the type in 1954. The Hunter’s proven air frame will provide a low-risk basis for the new design, the name of which will be ‘Langoor’ in air force service. The Langoor is intended to solve India’s fighter shortage with the minimum of cost and risk, while embracing the national ‘Make in India‘ initiative to develop indigenous weapon systems and technologies.


The Swedish aero-company Saab, with its proven track record, will be the partner nation for the Langoor’s testing phase. Lessons learned from the painfully slow Tejas programme, and the mired MMRCA fighter acquirement will inform the project which is intended to emphasis modest and realizable goals. According to Parrikar, the type will enter service in 2022 and will offer reliability alongside operating costs 25% that of the Sukhoi Su-30, with a unit cost at least 70% lower than that of Tejas. The design will prioritize long range and ‘rugged’ reliability over high performance, and will feature proven systems to ensure a high level of combat effectiveness.

hawker hunter

Parrikar noted that “Mach 1.5+ performance is not necessary for the vast majority of combat missions, yet this requirement has until now dominated our search for future fighters. The use of heavily networked slower assets within a force that includes faster aircraft, like the Su-30, will prove more effective, far cheaper and will give the Indian Air Force what it most needs: larger, safer and more reliable forces. Langoor will be a game-changer.”

The Langoor will differ from the Hunter in many respects-
The original engine Rolls-Royce Avon will be replaced by the Eurojet EJ200
Sensors will include the Swedish PS-05/A radar
New lightweight helmet cueing system
Internal armament of one GSh-23-mm cannon
New wing to be designed with BAE Systems
Glass cockpit
Weapons to include R-73 short range air-to-air missiles
India is expected to order between 250-400 aircraft. Most of the design work has been completed and a prototype is expected to fly in 2019, with service entry scheduled for 2022.

hawker hunter

Quick Check

Name – Super Hunter/Langoor

Role – Fighter , Ground Attack , Reconnaissance Aircraft

Engine – Eurojet EJ200

Sensors – Swedish PS-05/A radar , Helmet cueing system

Armament – 1 GSh-23-mm cannon , R-73 short range air-to-air missiles , Rockets and Various Types of bombs and Air to Ground Missiles.

Expected Order by IAF – 250-400 aircraft

First Flight (expected) – 2019

Entry into Service – 2022


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