Do you know about these Badges worn by Aircrew and Ground Staff of Indian Air Force ?

Aircrew badges commonly known as WINGS  are worn by Indian Air Force’s Officers and Airmen crew on their uniforms is the symbol of Qualification to the personnel who serves as a crew member on board Aircraft. They are the symbol of their expertise in that particular field.Normally the aircrew badges are worn on the left breast.

For pilots the wings are to be of the badge vertically above the left breast pocket. In the case of badges with half wings, the letter of the badge the center of the letter vertically above the left breast pocket button.

Things To Know –

Euphemistically known as “Distinguishing badges” or “Aircrew Badges”, these are worn by entitled officers and airmen on uniforms or on flying overalls (but not to be worn on protective clothing (e.g. great coat, rain coat, Jacket etc) )

These aircrew badges are worn only when authority for the same has been granted. Personnel awarded an aircrew badge will wear the badge appropriate to their category. If for any reason, an officer or airman is transferred to a branch /trade where he would not be required to perform the duties signified by the badge, he will continue to wear the badge unless authority to wear the badge is specifically withdrawn.



Batches worn by Aircrew and Ground Staff of Indian Air Force

1. Pilot’s Badge –

What does Pilots do ? – Fly the Aircraft



The Standard pilot’s wings consist of a 4 inch long wings brevet with the Ashoka emblem and the letters IAF. This is worn on the Summer work uniform as well as Winter jacket. This wings are also found on the flying suits but not that often.


This IAF wings in suede to be worn on flying overalls.They are worn on overalls only. Some pilots prefer this to the regular silk wing.They are worn while flying.

2. Navigator’s Badge

What does Navigator Do ? – know where exactly is the aircraft at any point of time,when would they reach the destination and to aid Pilot in flying the aircraft


This batch/wing consists of an out spread wing with the capital letter ‘N’ surrounded letter ‘N’ is surmounted centrally by the state emblem. The colour of the embroidery and the mounting is the pilot’s badge.

3.Signaler (Air) Badge

What does Signaler Do ? – Signaler Communicates between the aircraft, its base and units in the area of operation, by means of radio or other digital communications.

Signaler IAF

This is of the same description as the Navigators badge, except that ‘S’.

4. Flight Engineers Badge

What does Flight Engineer Do ? – Flight Engineers are concerned with the operation and monitoring of all aircraft systems,and is required to diagnose and where possible rectify or eliminate any faults that may arise in the Aircraft while flying .

Flight Engineers IAF

The badge is of the same description as the Navigator embroidered is ‘E’.

5. Electronic System Operators (Aircrew) Badge

What does Electronic System Operator do ? – Responsible for operating the radar, communications and electronic equipment both on Air as well as on Ground

Electronic System Operator iaf

The badge is of the same description as the Navigator embroidered is ‘L’.

6. Flight Gunner’s Badge

What does Flight Gunner do ? – Flight Gunners operates flexible mounted machine guns on Helicopters.

Flight Gunner's Badge

The badge is of the same description as the Navigator embroidered is ‘G’.

7. Air Traffic Controller and Flight Controller’s Badge

What does Air Traffic Controller do ? –Air traffic controllers are people trained to maintain the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of Air Traffic at Airports as well as guide them towards their destination while Aircraft is in Air.

Air Traffic Controller IAF

An Eagle holding a bolt of lightning – This is worn just above the right pocket of the shirt

8. Parachute Jump Instructor Badge (PJI)

What does Parachute Jump Instructor do ? – Parachute Jump Instructors teach Candidates from various branches of Indian Armed Forces as well friendly Foreign Countries about Para Jumps and Airborne Insertions.


Parachute Jump Instructor Badge

 The Paratrooper Jump Instructor’s are Air Force personnel fully qualified to instruct those undergoing Parachute Training. A number of the Akash Ganga Sky Diving team is made up of PJIs. These are worn on the left side of the chest – where aircrew badges are worn.

9. Parachute Qualification Wings (Worn by members of Indian Special Force)

What is  Parachute Qualification Wings ? – These wings are awarded to those who have completed Para Jump Training from Paratroopers Training School ,Agra.They are mostly awarded to Special Forces like Garuds, Para, MARCOS etc.

Garud Commando badge

The Wings are worn over the sleeve, as the older army practice was. The wings are in white thread – differ from the Blue and white wings of the Army.

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