Ray of hope for family of airman Raghuvir Verma of the missing IAF AN-32 transport plane as family claims his mobile phone is active and found ringing

A ray of hope for the aggrieved families of the missing AN-32 passengers as the kin of airman Raghuvir Verma claimed that they were able to ring him on his mobile number.Verma was onboard the ill-fated AN-32 which disappeared over the Bay of Bengal.The Airmans’s phone was still active even five days after the supposed crash.

The family claims that his Airtel number was ‘on’ and it rang a few times after the family kept dialing it several times over the last two days.

They also claim, the ‘last seen’ status on his messenger app was showing July 26, four days after the flight went missing.

Raghuvir was stationed in Barmer, Rajasthan, his first posting after he completed his training in communications in the Indian Air Force two years ago.

“He was coming home on a holiday and asked me to receive him at the airport minutes before he boarded his flight from the Tambram air base in Chennai,” said Lakhichand his father, barely able to hide his emotions.

 These unusual activity on the missing airman’s mobile phone has given renewed hope to the family .They have now shared all these details with the IAF in Port Blair.

IAF officials came and met the family this evening and assured that Raghuvir’s call records will now be examined.

Raghubir Verma
Aircraftman (AC) Raghubir Verma

Currently, there are several aircraft, ships and submarines, including private planes that are looking for debris in the Bay of Bengal region.

An international safety network has also been activated to alert merchant ships passing through the area to look out for survivors and debris.

The Andaman and Nicobar Command of the defence forces said it is keeping a watch for it even beyond the search zone.

The Indian Navy and its Coast Guard wing under the Eastern Command have deployed 16 ships which are scouring an area of 120 by 120 nautical miles of rough sea.

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