Indian Army sets up design bureau to promote production of home-grown weapons

In an effort to conceive and support homegrown mission, the Indian Army has set up the Army Design Bureau.

About 50 years after Indian Navy established its Naval Design Bureau; the Indian Army has recently announced about setting up of the Army Design Bureau (ADB). The design bureau will boost production of weapons that would be manufactured indigenously.

What has initiated the move?

Army’s effort to reduce imports of defence inventory in its pursuit of indigenisation and the Central Government’s Make in India initiative both factors contributed in this effort.

Listed below are 10 projects that have been identified under ‘Make’ category for manufacturing by the domestic defense industry:

  • 125mm smooth bore barrel with gun article

  • Improved ammunition for T-72 and T-90 tanks

  • Advanced pilotless target aircraft

  • Tracked light dozers

  • Assault trackway

  • Modern aircraft refuelling pump

  • Manoeuvrable, expendable aerial targets

  • 1000hp (horseppower) engines for T-72 tanks

  • Individual underwater breathing apparatus

  • Environment control unit and auxiliary power units for T-90 tanks

Aim of ADB:

The Army Design Bureau has been set up to fast-track Army’s procurement process and to help in modernisation. It will also act as a single point contact for all stakeholders.

With the help of ADB, Army hopes to interact in a better manner with DRDO, academia, DPSUs, OFBs and private industry to deliver higher quality defence products.

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