Pakistani Defence Minister Shows India It’s Ready For War, Shows Pictures of Korean Jets Instead

Following the dastardly terror attack on the army headquarters in Uri on Sunday India had issued a strong warning to Pakistan. While India saying that it will retaliate strongly to a terror attack on its soil is nothing new, this time around many in Pakistan feel that India could take some serious action.

Given the current situation following the Pakistan sponsored unrest in Kashmir and India’s open support to Baloch rebels added with the skirmishes along the LoC, many across the border are wary about a full-blown confrontation between the two sides.


In fact, the situation is so bad that the Karachi stock exchange on Thursday witnessed one of the worst days of business in recent times when the benchmark index dropped massive 569 points to close at 39,771 points. Many small and medium investors suffered massive losses, even before a single shot was fired.

Indian Army looking for Terrorists somewhere in Kashmir


The paranoia in the stock market was nothing compared to that of the military establishment in Pakistan.

Amid unconfirmed reports in Pakistani media about large-scale Indian troops movement along the LoC, the country has gone on a military drill-spree.


The Pakistan International Airlines had on Wednesday suspended all flights to Gilgit to make way for an Air Force drill.

According to The Express Tribune, the Lahore-Pakistan motorway was closed on Thursday to let it practice landing jets on the road, emphasising that it was “routine training” and not related to the current tensions.


Putting up a brave face, Pakistan Defence minister Khawaja Asif had tweeted some pictures of the PAF’s drill, to show his country’s war preparedness. But some of the images he used turned out to be American and Korean fighter jets.


After a Pakistani journalist called his bluff Asif deleted the tweet.

Another prominent Pakistani TV journalist Hamid Mir tweeted about F-16 planes were flying over Islamabad.

He later clarified that it could be part of another drill undertaken by Pakistan’s air force. However, there has been no independent verification so far.

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