Don’t worry Mr PM we are ready says Indian Army

Don’t worry Mr. Prime Minister, we are prepared and can hit them. This is the line that the India army has taken following the Uri attack in which 18 soldiers were martyred by four terrorists from the terrorist state of Pakistan. The Indian army has made two presentations to the government in which ways of attacking terrorist camps inside Pakistan were shown.

The presentations were made to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval. In its presentation, the army chalked out a plan on how terror camps could be attacked in both covert and over strikes.
The army has said that it is ready to carry out a strike, but would do so only if the government wishes so. The Prime Minister has told his National Security Advisor to keep in touch with the army and discuss viable methods to hit back at terror camps in Pakistan.
The key to the operation would be the element of surprise, highly placed official sources told OneIndia.

The army says that it is carrying out a two-stage operation against terrorists. While one team would focus on flushing out militants who have already infiltrated the other would target anyone attempting to infiltrate.
The message from the top is “shoot to kill infiltrators”. While both the army and government are not in favour of a full-fledged war, there is a consensus on carrying out a sustained strike on specific targets.
The war need not be escalated and all India wants is to strike at the terrorist camps, the officer also noted. Further, it is also agreed that there would be no large-scale troop build-up along the borders as was seen in 2001 after the Parliament attack.
However, the government is firm that it wants complete readiness along the Line of Control. As a first step, the army has decided to go on an all out mission against infiltrators. Officials say that since the Uri attack, there have been five infiltration bids that have been stopped while nearly 14 terrorists have been killed.

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