Chinese Army intrudes Arunachal Pradesh

At a time when Pakistan was carrying out Uri attack, the Chinese Army intruded in Anjaw of Arunachal Pradesh. They had entered Indian territory on September 9 and had set up camp in an area some 45 km inside the territory.

After four days on September 13, they were forced to go back by a joint patrol of Army and Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) in the area.

According to high-level intelligence sources, LAC which is 94 km away  from Chaglagam, the last circle of Anjaw district. A place called ‘Hadigrah Pass’, the end point of border in Indian territory has been intruded by PLA and reached up to 45 Km point at Plum inside the Indian territory where they have built up a temporary camp.


Sources said that earlier the Indian Army had Long Range Patrolling (LRP) on September 5 which lasted up to Theneya some 52 km from Chaglagam where unexpectedly the Indian Amy had a face-off with Chinese Army between Theneya and Plum-Plum point on September 9.

At Kapapu the Chinese Army has built up Maul track, log and wooden bridge etc and drive out the Indian Army up to Najong 23 km point near Chaglagam.

To defuse the intrusion and tension inside the Indian Territory, a Flag Meeting was held on September 14 at Damai in China some three km away from the LAC between PLA and Indian Army, unfortunately, PLA was reluctant to retreat from the Indian Territory claiming their stand strong.

However, one more meeting is scheduled to be held on October 1 to resolve the illegal intrusion, disclosed high-level sources.

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