Government decides not to Release the Video of Surgical Strike, Footage may give away the Tactics of Para SF

The Government has Decided not to Release the Video of Surgical Strike along the LoC due to Security Reasons. The Govt believes that making the Footage Public will give away the Tactics and Operational Techniques  employed by Para SF to Cross-LoC and Destroy Enemy Camps.

The Indian army which had reportedly handed over video footage of the surgical strikes across LoC to the government and was keen that the evidence be released and the final decision was upon PMO.

The level of provocation or political compulsion to battle an opposition narrative that the surgical strike was “fake”, the Narendra Modi government refrained from releasing the footage of the strikes. A Report, quoting eyewitness accounts from across the border, mentions graphic details of explosions, bodies being loaded onto trucks for secret burials and strikes on launch pads that took Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba terrorists by surprise.

Adding to the government’s discomfiture is a sense of indignation in the armed forces who are understandably outraged that their brave effort has been called into question. Top officers in the Indian army are keen that India releases evidence to “answer” those alleging that the strikes never happened.

But this time,The Prime Minister showed ‘strategic restraint’ and did not fall into the trap of providing evidence.

A former Army Chief General Shankar Roychowdhury advised the government not to put out sensitive information on public domain, “The ISI and Pakistan army are eagerly looking forward to whatever they can pick up, particularly from the Indian media, because 80 percent of all intelligence comes from open sources… They are waiting to pick up intelligence about India’s operational techniques.”

Modi did the Right Thing by not  releasing the evidence of the Strike. Doing so would tense up the situation even more between the two Countries

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