Here’s why PM Modi likened Indian Army to that of Israel’s

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday likened the Indian Army to the Israeli forces. “Everyone is talking about our Army, we used to hear about similar feats of Israel. But now everyone knows the Indian Army is no less,” the PM said, addressing a rally in Mandi on Tuesday.

Here’s possibly why he compared the Army to Israel’s Defence Forces (IDF):

Israel’s military has been a strong force in the small country ever since it became independent from the British rule in 1948. It is a formidable force with a huge impact in the country’s economy, culture and political scene and a substantial chunk of the money goes to the military funding and maintenance.

The main objective of the Israeli forces is to protect and uphold the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, using all means within its reach to achieve this goal.

Since its independence, the country has fought 20 wars and is considered to be one of the strongest and most tested army in the world. It had to fight the Arab-Israel war merely months after its evolution. Therefore, being ready for a war-like situation is pivotal to the country. Moreover, Israel is threatened, directly and indirectly, by some heavily armed powers like Russia and Iran because of its unique location in the middle east.

The IDF plays a crucial role in the country, providing supplementary education to the Israeli children. Israel also indigenously manufactures a major chunk of its defence requirements like tankers, aircrafts etc.

At the age of 18, it becomes compulsory for the men and women in Israel to be a part of the IDF and they undergo training regularly in order to be mobilized by the army during a war situation.

 This implies that the strength of the Army in Israel is huge and civilians above the age of 18 can be called for service whenever the need arises.

What has helped the country’s military development in a huge way is its relationship with the USA. Both the nations share advanced military technology and services which in turns further strengthens the Israel army.

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