Indian Army doctor commits suicide after trying to strangle Junior Female Officer

A Lieutenant Colonel stationed at the Military Hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura district allegedly committed suicide after trying to strangle a junior due to a failed love affair.

According to reports, the Lieutenant Colonel was from the Army Medical Corps, while the woman is a Military Nursing Service officer.

Dr TV Jadhav, 40, who hailed from Maharashtra, lived with his wife and two children. He was having an extra-marital affair with the woman, who is from Dehradun in Uttarakhand.

Jadhav allegedly committed suicide after injecting a toxic substance in his thigh on Friday. He had tried to form a suicide pact with the woman, who was unable to talk him out of it. He then tried to strangle her, but she fled the scene.

“He had been depressed ever since the woman informed him that she was calling the relationship off because her wedding had been fixed,” a police officer told the Times of India.

The MNS officer also filed an FIR after the incident on Friday. In her statement, the woman told police that she had gone on a drive with Jadhav because he said that he wanted to talk about something.

After reaching Sri Radha Radha Colony, Lt Col Jadhav asked the junior officer to join him in a suicide pact. When she tried to reason with him, he attempted to strangle her,” Mathura City Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ashok Kumar Singh

“The woman officer said she resisted the attempt and managed to free herself after a hard struggle, and jumped out. Lt Col Jadhav then locked himself in the car and injected what appears to be a poisonous substance into his thigh,” he added.

The woman then informed Indian Army officials about the incident. They brought Jadhav’s body to the Military Hospital. The Army doctors conducted a post-mortem following which civil doctors performed a post-mortem on Saturday.

Jadhav’s family has filed an FIR alleging that he was murdered. Police are investigating the matter.

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