China not against India’s entry in NSG: Envoy

China on Friday sought to dispel the view that it was against India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

“The notion that China is against India’s entry into NSG is not right. India and China are working together in this regard,” Consul General of China in Kolkata, Zhanwu Ma said.

“Entry of any country into the Nuclear Suppliers Group needs certain procedures which are to be followed. It is not that simple,” Ma told reporters here.

Asked about China’s stand on Indo-Pak relations, he said his country was neutral.

“China is very friendly towards India. Some people do not seem to believe so. Of course, we have differences. But the shared interests outweigh the differences,” the Chinese Consul General said, adding the business relations between the two countries were mutually beneficial.
“So far India’s relation with Pakistan is concerned, China’s position is neutral. India and Pakistan should settle the impasse via negotiations only,” he added.

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