How ISI and Pak Army have been using Barkha Dutt as a GPS service since 2013

Right since Mumbai 26/11 attacks , all anti national presstitutes have been happily tarryhootin around and fidgeting with national security. NDTV and its undisputed champ Barkha Dutt has always grabbed headlines for several affiliations with anti national lobbies, seperatist movements in Jammu & Kashmir and many other things.
By compromising the position of those innocent soldiers who guard your perimeters, Barkha has always displayed her extraordinary love for Pakistan and Peacefuls. Her tweets about strategic points at the International Line of Control has highlighted her traitor instinct even more. No media reporter, editor or journalist can get away or should get away with disclosing important details regarding national security.
Some of her controversial tweets were probably used by and could have been easily used by Pakistan to their advantage to violate ceasefire. In one of her brazen tweets,Barkha blurts out the fact that there are no fences near the international border at Chenab

One needs to wonder how a journalist has access to various positions of the BSF personnel and why is she so interested in knowing the patrol timings. Days after she reported that water route may be taken by infiltrators, the Pampore attack happend via the same water route that she was talking about.

Mendhar and Tangdhar areas were shelled and we suffered casualties. Barkha had tweeted about mapping 540 kms in a time frame of 3 days right from Uri to Mendhar. Remember that both these places were attacked. The nation still remembers her scooter ride with Hizbul Mujahideen Terrorist Zakir Rashid.

What do we need to learn from this? We need to gulp down the harsh reality that some pimpy presstitues from our country are much more dangerous than infiltrators from the other side of the border!

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