Indian Army eager to teach a lesson to enemy, waiting for permission: Parrikar

The Army is eager to teach a lesson to enemy of the country and it is just waiting for permission from the government, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said in Panaji on Sunday.

“The morale of the Army has gone up. Army wants to teach lesson to our enemy. They are just waiting for permission from the government…We gave them permission two-three times,” Parrikar said during BJP’s campaign meeting in Vasco.

His statement came days after Pakistan conducted a military exercise in a strategically located area in Punjab province bordering India with its Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif saying that they will give a “befitting response” to any “ambitious and reckless move” by its enemies.

Parrikar said, “We want to tell our enemy that if they stare at us, we can stare with bigger eyes.”

The minister said the country’s borders are secured and no one could dare attack India.

“We are completely committed towards the security of the country. It is not just about tightening the border but we have also given required armaments to the soldiers,” he said.

Taking a dig at Congress, Parrikar claimed that after the Bofors scam, the Army did not get a new artillery gun in 30 years until the Narendra Modi government took up the initiative to manufacture “Dhanush” at HAL.

“Tejas aircraft, whose design was on the drawing board for last 33 years, is going to become a reality now. The former governments were not interested as the aircraft was supposed to be built by the government and hence they wouldn’t get any commission out of it,” he alleged.

Hailing demonetisation of high value currencies, Parrikar said the government has also given importance to “economic security” of the country.

“The country by withdrawing Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations has taken the challenge to fight against black money,” he added.

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