Indian Army adopts winter strategy to tighten security across IB

A drive has been undertaken by BSF (Border Security Forces) for filling the gaps around the riverines along the International Borders right from Akhnoor to Lakhanpur across Samba, Jammu and Kathua.

All in the attempt to block the attempts of infiltration from the militants’ side. The attempts increase during the winter months when visibility drops to zero as foggy conditions start to grip the plains.

To tackle the infiltration bids, counter measures have been put in place well before the arrival of the thick of winters. The measures include an electronic surveillance system which is necessary for ensuring visibility during dense fog along with tracking the militants’ movement from a good distance.

Just about a few days ago, a Pakistani intruder had crossed the International Borders, taking advantage of the dense foggy conditions, and had even reached quite close to the border fencing. The BSF had killed the suspicious Pak Intruder. A few Urdu newspapers along with currency notes of Pakistan, knives etc. were discovered from his possession.

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