Russian colonel Ruslan Galitsky dies in Aleppo shelling

Russian Colonel Ruslan Galitsky has died of wounds in Syria when “opposition” militants shelled a residential area in Aleppo’s western part, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Dec. 7.

“Colonel Ruslan Galitsky has died in hospital after being severely wounded. Russian military medics fought for his life for several days. The officer sustained injuries in an artillery bombardment by the militants of the so-called ‘opposition’, when they shelled a residential area in the western part of Aleppo,” the ministry said.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Galitsky was accomplishing a mission in Syria as part of the group of Russian military advisers. “Colonel Ruslan Galitsky has been recommended for a state decoration posthumously,” the ministry added.

Another Russian military adviser was killed in Syria at the beginning of this year. On Feb. 1, the Islamic State terrorist group shelled a military garrison where a Syrian army formation is deployed with mortars. The officer was fatally wounded. His name was not disclosed, but the Russian Defense Ministry said he had been recommended for the state decoration posthumously.

Two Russian nurses, Galina Mikhailova and Galina Durachenko, were killed in Syria earlier this week during the terrorists’ shelling of a Russian makeshift hospital near Aleppo. The sources in the hospital said that they were young women under 40 and had children at home.

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