Defence Ministry comes up with Strict Rules & Policies for making Films, TV serials and documentary on Indian Army

With over 120 requests in two years for making films and documentary on the Indian Army, the ministry of defence has come up with a policy with strict rules.

In the absence of a dedicated policy that allows films or documentaries on army, several instances of arbitrary approvals came to light. In one occasion, a former chief of Army had allowed a documentary in Siachen to a firm, owned by his relative, without informing  the ministry.
The Defence Ministry has come up with rules for seeking Army’s help in connection with making films, TV serials and documentary etc. The MoD states that all applications should be submitted to the office of Joint Secretary, Army. Army headquarters will depute a liaison officer, who will supervise the shooting. Detail of the crew has to be submitted before the army headquarters.
The rules also make it clear that once the officer submits a report to the ministry after completion of shooting, the producer will be allowed to release it.
And in case of any dispute between army and producer, an arbitrator will be asked to look into it, who will be appointed by the Defence Secretary.

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