Terrorists used silencer-fitted weapon in Nagrota attack on Indian Army camp

In a first, terrorists, who infiltrated the Indian Army camp at Nagrota in the Jammu district of Jammu and Kashmir last month, used weapons fitted with a silencer. The infiltrators chose to gain entry from the rear side as thick vegetation of elephant grass provided cover.

Sources told PTI that night illuminators were fired to search for the terrorists. To prevent a hostage-like situation, army troops with the assistance of para-commandos decided to rescue women and children before launching a final offensive to kill the terrorists.

Drones were also engaged to help snipers eliminate the terrorists.

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A total of seven army personnel, including two officers, were killed. The three terrorists were also eliminated in the operation that lasted nearly four hours.

In the investigations by multiple security agencies, it was revealed that the three terrorists had infiltrated to India from across the international border at Hiranagar in Kathua district. An iCom wireless set was found near a tree in the region and it matched the frequency of the sets carried by the militants.

Sources have also not yet ruled out the possibility that the terrorists received local assistance during their infiltration bids. It is believed that they travelled a distance of 78km to the army camp using a well-connected national highway.

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