ISIS ‘shoots down’ Russian attack helicopter in Syria

The terror group’s news agency said fighters downed the chopper – understood to be an attack helicopter – near the T4 air base east of Homs.

A brief statement released by the Amaq Agency read: “A Russian combat helicopter is downed over T4 Airbase east of Homs.”

Russia intervened in Syria last September to help president Bashar al-Assad help defeat the crazed organisation, also known as Daesh

Earlier today, ISIS released images of their fighters operating near the airbase, which is used by Russian and Syrian government forces.

One of the pictures – shared widely by warped Daesh supporters on social media – showed a truck mounted with an anti-aircraft gun.

The Russian Defence Ministry has yet to comment.

Last month, ISIS claimed to have shot down Russian attack helicopter with a guided missile near the Huwaysis region of Syria.

Amaq reported: “A Russian attack helicopter is destroyed by a guided missile near the Huwaysis area in the eastern countryside of Homs.”

Russian officials would only confirm that a flight “delivering humanitarian assistance” was “forced to make an emergency landing”.

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