Indian Navy appoints Admiral-rank officer as flag officer without asking Defence Ministry, MoD unhappy

The Indian Navy has been charged with appointing officers in new key posts without asking the Defence Ministry.

In the first case, Navy had appointed a rear Admiral-rank officer Delhi area as the FODA, which is an operational appointment but the Navy does not have any assets in and around the national capital.

The appointment came to the notice of the Ministry as the Joint Secretary concerned was going through files of a construction project and saw that rear Admiral Kishen Kumar Pandey was using the designation Flag Officer Delhi Area (FODA) in official files.

For creation of any such appointment in the armed forces, they have to take consent from the Defence Ministry as there is a budget involved in the creation of such posts.

The Navy is sticking with the appointment but is now calling it Flag Officer Administration instead of FODA.

“We required such an office as we are very soon going to start work on the construction of Nau Sena Bhawan which will be a big task and otherwise also, the workload had gone up quite considerably in the national capital,” senior Navy sources explained.

“It came to us as a surprise that the Navy had raised two new offices and that too without taking consent of the Defence Ministry. We will  seek explanation from them,” top Defence Ministry officials said.

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