US would be battered in a war with Russia or China unless it immediately recruits 30,000 new troops: USAF Chief

THE US Air Force is struggling to cope with the growing threats of Russia, China and ISIS, its chief has warned.

General David Goldfein says America’s airpower needs a cash boost if it is to stay ahead of its rivals.

He warned: “We just got too small too fast and we’ve got to grow.

“We’re at a risk level I’m not comfortable with.

The US Air Force currently has 317,000 personnel.

But as it takes part in operations over Iraq and Syria, Goldfein warned it will need another 30,000 to fulfil its duties.

US forces are currently deployed in Iraq and Syria as they assist fighters battling ISIS and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad

That would mean an extra £2.4billion on top of its current budget of £122bn.

And even then it would take six years to get the new resources in place.

US forces also face a battle to stay ahead of rivals Russia and China while they continue to support forces opposing embattled Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Russia has carried out its own pro-Assad air raids while China is flexing its muscles in a dispute over the South China Sea.

That led a top commander to warn the air force is spread too thinly.

General Carlton Everhart sighed: “It seems like every two weeks we’re responding to a crisis or event around the globe.”

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