Indian Air Force more prepared after first setback at Pathankot terror attack, says Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha

Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, on Wednesday said the Pathankot terror attack earlier in January this year was the first setback, adding that they are now better prepared having learnt lessons from the same.
“Pathankot was the first setback. We have learnt lessons and are better prepared now. The second setback was the missing of the AN-32. Even after efforts, we could not trace the aircraft. We are helping their families. It is one of the worst memories in my career. AN-32s don’t have Underwater Locater Beacons. We have taken up the case with the government,” the Air Chief said.
The Air Chief said on operational preparedness, they are dwindling with the fighters.

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“We paid attention to latest acquisitions and upgrades of the aircrafts we have. On Rafael, we have invited LCA. Three are flying and we will accept 123 in next 10 years. The second squadron of C130 will come soon. It will be based at the Arjangadh base. Large numbers of radars which are indigenous have been inducted. The Air Force is well on its way to have network centric capabilities. We have done reasonably well in looking after the sub-conventional threat like terrorism and other conventional threat,” he added.
He asserted that the revenue cases languishing since long have been signed due the proactiveness of the government and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.
“The average flying we did was more than the average flying of last 10 years. We have flown in the fighter fleet 40,000 hrs, more than last 10 years due to better serviceability. We have done an average night flying of 27 percent which was less earlier. There has been a large improvement in the professional capabilities. We have been involved deeply in the operations against Naxalism, logistics support, flying by night,” he added.
The Air Chief also said that they have upgraded the Advanced Landing Grounds (ALGs) in northeast.
The government has given approval of 27 flights of Garud, with each having 45 Grains. 23 more Garud Flights will be raised later. (Garund is the special force under the Indian Air Force). We have been able to sign various cases in the last two and a half years including Rafale which will be in India. It will be operational within next three years to five and a half years,” he added. (ANI)

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