Russian Air Force disrupts secret rebel commander meeting in East Ghouta

The Russian Air Force continued their pinpoint airstrikes over the East Ghouta region of rural Damascus, targeting a secret meeting bettween Jaysh Al-Islam and Faylaq Al-Rahman commanders in Al-Shifouniyah at 2 A.M. (Damascus Time) on Wednesday.

According to an Al-Masdar field correspondent in Damascus, the Russian Air Force carried out a powerful airstrike just south of the Regiment 274 Base, hitting a building that had commanders from Faylaq Al-Rahman and Jaysh Al-Islam meeting to discuss a counter-offensive against the Syrian Arab Army in the East Ghouta.

The field correspondent added that the Russian military intelligence learned about this planned event after local spies provided information regarding the time and setting of the meeting to officers in Damascus.

Faylaq Al-Rahman and Jaysh Al-Islam mourned the death of several commanders on Wednesday morning, including leaders like Ahmad ‘Abdullah, Yassine Al-Wazir, “Abou Khaled,” and several others from Barzeh and Qaboun.

The death toll from these Russian airstrikes is still unknown; however, it is likely significant total due to the fact it was attended by a large number of rebels.

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