Air Force Skydiver Injured After Hard Landing At Show In Gujarat

A skydiver in Air Force’s Aakash Ganga team suffered a sprain in his leg due to hard landing during an air show in Gandhinagar ahead of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit.

“One skydiver of the IAF Aakash Ganga team at Swarnim Park, Gandhinagar, had a hard landing. The canopy collapsed at low level due to wind resulting in a high rate of descent in the terminal phase. He suffered a sprain in his leg due to the heavy impact on ground,” Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Abhishek Matiman said.

“He was immediately attended to and evacuated by the paramedics of the IAF present at the venue. He is out of danger with no serious damage,” he added.

The Aakash Ganga team of the Indian Air Force para-dropped from a MI-17V5 helicopter, vibrantly colouring the sky in saffron, white and green, right in front the spectators.

The air show was held a day before the 8th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, to be held at Gandhinagar’s Mahatma Mandir convention center on January 10.

The spectators were enthralled with the awe-arousing performance of Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter jets as they formed the ‘rays of the sun’ and other maneuvers including ‘tail slide’ and ‘vertical Charlie’. They signed off with an ‘India Formation’.

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