Indian Army Demands Military Grade Power Banks

In the technology driven world, Indian Army is looking to solve its everyday problems with the help of technology and the latest gadgets available in the market.

Problem? These gadgets are not up to the mark when it comes to a Military grade requirement.

As of now, the Army personnel are unable to charge their phones or communication sets in remote locations with the existing power banks in the market.

A report indicates that Indian Army has urged the tech giants to develop military-grade power banks which will be able to withstand the extreme conditions faced by the personnel.

As per the requirements stated by the Army, the power bank should work under all weather conditions and be shock, dust and waterproof.

“Mobiles and MCCS (mobile cellular communication systems) are the mainstay of communications especially during peace time. Charging of mobiles and MCCS is a big issue in field areas especially for troops operating over difficult terrain for longer durations,” the report mentions the issues stated by the Army.

Currently, Indian Army is making use of the existing power banks even though they are not up to the mark.

Indian Army has also stated a requirement for ‘all in one’ mobile sets which can work across different satellite feeds and networks. This problem can be solved in a ‘phased manner’ though.

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