New portable bridge to help ease troop movement for high altitude region

The Indian Army’s troops will soon be able to move faster in high altitude regions, thanks to the Mountain Foot Bridge (MFB) developed by the city’s Research and Development Establishment (Engineers) of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The bridge made of high-strength aluminium alloys costs below Rs 1 crore. Capable of withstanding conditions prevailing in high altitude regions like Siachen, it will soon be inducted in the force.

Experts from the laboratory claimed that user trials were positive and had achieved desired results according to the requirement fixed by the Indian Army.

L N Bhosale, a technical officer, told TOI, “The trials were carried out at Siachen glacier and in Arunachal Pradesh over two years. Their results are positive. As a result, the army has decided to induct the bridge.”

 According to experts, a 35-metre MFB can be assembled in about two hours. It can allow accumulation of fresh snow up to half-a-metre while people negotiate the bridge at a spacing of about 3 metres.
 The MFB can bridge dry/wet gaps up to 34.5 metre with a pathway of 0.8 metre width. “This facility will enable troop movement in regions, where covering even a metre’s distance is challenging,” he said.
 DRDO officials said mass production of the bridge would be done after the completion of Transfer of Technology.

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