Here are 20 Best Tips to help you Crack SSB in First Attempt

SSB or Services  Selection Board is a Selection Process which every candidate has to Clear in order to Join Indian Armed Forces. It is a Personality and Intelligence Interview spread over a period of 5-6 days where the candidates are tested for their aptitude, potential and capability to serve Indian Armed Forces be it Army, Navy or Air Force.

There are various Entries through which one can Join Indian Armed Forces like NDA, CDS, AFCAT etc but a candidate has to Appear for SSB if He/She wants to join Indian Armed Forces. Rejections at SSB are very high and only a few make it.SSB is the Toughest Officer Selection Process in the World.

After clearing SSB, the candidates have to go through Medical Exam and then wait for Merit List to come out.If the candidate qualifies the merit list too, then he/she may join the respective Academy for Training.

Most candidates are scared of SSB when they shouldn’t be.

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Here are 20 Tips that will help you Crack SSB in First Attempt:

  1. In PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test) on the First Day (Screening Day), Try to Write Original Stories and not the ones copied from Books or instructed at SSB Coaching Coaching Centers. Be Original.

  2. In Group Discussion, Listening is as important as Speaking.Listen to what others Say and try to Speak up if you don’t agree with what is being said. They don’t know what you think unless you express yourself.

  3. Practice a lot for WAT (Word Association Test), TAT (Thematic Appreciation Test) and SRT (Situation Reaction Test) and write a story that relates to your own Experience and Quality. Not only Prepare but Write these tests multiple times (remember that you will be provided blank pages without lines and with limited space).Practice writing these so you don’t end up in a mess there.

  4. Socialize with others.Always be Friendly with your Group.Remember SSB is not about Competition but about Cooperation.

  5. Never be Demoralized if you get scolded by GTO. They may be expecting better from you. Try to take their scolding in a good way.

  6. You must have a hobby and must know everything about it. Many questions are based upon your hobby at the interview.

  7. Be Honest.If you don’t know something, just say “Sorry Sir, I don’t know”. They expect you to be honest but try to prepare for the same thing as they may ask about it in the conference.

  8. Always be Punctual.Never be late.They don’t expect someone who will be in future serving the Armed Forces to be late.

  9. Have Good knowledge about current Happenings and Affairs.Develop Constructive options regarding it.

  10. Know about Yourself, Education, Family, and Friends.Knowing yourself is the most important thing at SSB. You must have honest answers regarding your life.

  11. Be aware of the geography of your city, state, and country.

  12. Improve your verbal & written communication skills.

  13. Make sure you are comfortable in speaking English and can express what you actually want to.

  14. Be confident about yourself. Don’t fear during any test.just think you can do everything thrown at you.

  15. Forget Performance in the Previous tests.

  16. Never lie during Personal Interview. However, Don’t say what was not asked.

  17. Don’t be too frank with Interview Officer. You can be open with him but to a limit.Don’t just take him as your friend and start describing your life. Just answer honestly to the questions asked.

  18. Keep your mind fresh and open before appearing for physiological tests.

  19. Never boast about yourself during the entire stay.

  20. Stay hygienic and eat accordingly. Daily baths are very important.

Do You know! SSB will soon be replaced with new Officer Selection System known as De Novo Selection System. Read more about it Here

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