14 Shocking Facts you may not know about The Indian Army

Indian Army is amongst the Strongest Fighting Force in The World.With over 1.3 million Soldiers, It is the 3rd largest Army in the World. It is the most respected institution in India itself and every kid has a dream of serving in the Army. But there are many things most people don’t know about the Indian Army.

Well taking that into Perspective, We decided to come up 14 Facts most Indians don’t know about the Mighty Indian Army.

Here are 14 Facts you May Not Know about the Indian Army:

1. Indian Military Holds the World Record for accepting the Largest Military Surrender in The World.In 1971, 93,000 Pakistani Soldiers Surrendered to the Indian Army.

2. It is recorded that Adolf Hitler expressed his desire to acquire the Gurkha Regiment because he believed that he could have acquired the whole Europe if he had Gurkha, as it was the only force in the whole world that could fight and withstand a German Attack.

3. Indian Army was formed in 1776 by the East India Company in Kolkata.

4. Indian Army trains a range of foreign armies like that of US, UK, Russia at their Training institutes like Indian Military Academy at  Dehradun and Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School at Vairengte, Mizoram.

5. Indian Army has never been involved in a military coup and has never initiated the first attack in any warfare.

6. In Indian Army, There is absolutely no provision for recruitment based on religion cast or creed.Soldiers are always recruited based on their fitness and merit.

7. The Oldest Regiment in Indian Army is the President’s Bodyguard. It was set up in 1773. All Soldiers of President’s Bodyguards are Trained Paratroopers.

8. Indian Army has a horse Regiment and it is amongst the last 3 such existing regiment in the world.

9. The Baily Bridge is the Highest Bridge in the world. It is located in the Ladakh Vally, between Dras and Suru rivers, in the Himalayan Mountains. This great Piece of Engineering Wonder was built by Indian Army in August 1982.

10. At the age of 19, Royal Indian Army’s Sepoy Kamal Ram received the Victoia Cross, the highest award of the United Kingdom, for valour after World War 2.He was the Youngest Indian to receive that award.

11. The Famous Bollywood Movie BORDER was based on Battle of Longewala. The Battle was fought between India and Pakistan in which 120 Indian Soldiers were Up against 2000 Pakistani Soldiers. India had one Jeep Mounted M40 Recoilless Rifle whereas Pakistan came with one Mobile Infantry and 45 Tanks. Indian Army Soldiers still managed to hold their ground till morning when Indian Air Force came to their aid. The Battle ended with 2 Indian soldiers martyred and one Recoilless Rifle Mounted Jeep Destroyed. Pakistan lost 200 soldiers, 36 Tanks and 500+ Vehicles being Destroyed by Indian Army and Indian Air Force.

12. The Oldest Para-Military Force of Indian Armed Force is the Assam Regiment that was formed in 1835.

14. Before the US Army invaded Afghanistan, its troops underwent training at India’s High Altitude Warfare School.

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