Combat Uniform worn by Indian Special Forces & Commandos

Before we discuss combat uniform worn by Indian SF, let us discuss a bit about Special Forces or popularly known as commandos. Special Forces may sound cool but in reality, they are an elite breed of crazy men who just want to do things right. If they are given a task, they damn sure will do anything and everything to accomplish it. These men are Trained to do things that you may find impossible and know stuff you would never hear of.  They go through Hell to be called “Commando”. Nothing is more important to them than their country the maroon beret symbolizes that they are not the once to be messed with not to messed with.

But many find it hard to distinguish between Special Forces Personnel. They are not aware of Uniform worn by them.

So we at Zittara came up with article to tell you about various uniforms worn by Indian Special Forces.

Combat Uniform worn by Indian Special Forces:

1. Para SF Combat Uniform

Para Special Forces are an elite Special Forces team of the Indian Army.All Para SF operative wear a “BALIDAAN” badge that denotes their sacrifice and commitment.

There are various uniforms Worn by Para Sf in Various Environments.The camouflage pattern of the army’s commandos and infantry troops posted in deserts have lighter tones to merge with the environment; high altitude and jungle operations need darker shades. Soldiers also wear ghillie suits, made especially for desert and forest areas; these make detection difficult and add to the element of surprise.

Para commando uniform

Para commando uniform

Para commando uniform

Para SF in Kashmir

The outfit in the desert has a vertical lizard pattern with a lighter background merging with arid color tones. The special forces wear their trademark Maroon berets and are equipped with Israeli Tavor assault rifles. The army has adopted its own Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) for its camouflage uniform, making it distinct from paramilitary forces.

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2. MARCOS Combat Uniform

An elite special operation unit strictly kept out of the public eye by the Navy, the Marcos are capable of carrying operations in all the three domains – Air, Sea, and Land – though maritime missions are their specialisation.

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The MARCOS are mostly seen in their Digital Camouflage Clothing as well as in Black Uniform for operations at Night. They were the first specialised force to take on terrorists at Taj during the 26/ 11 Mumbai attacks.

MARCOS Uniform

MARCOS Uniform

MARCOS Uniform
The Indian Navy’s Marcos during Maritime Security Drills

MARCOS Uniform

MARCOS Uniform

The Marcos also assisted in anti-insurgency operations in Wular Lake in J& K. They are are called  “Dhadiwala Fauji” in Jammu & Kashmir due to the beard they grow to merge up with locals and gather intelligence

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3. Garud Combat Uniform

The Indian Air Force raised its commando force in 2004 for tasks such as rapid response to a terror strike on air bases. The Garuds or Garud Commando Force not only protect IAF bases from attacks like the one in Pathankot in 2016 but are also trained to operate behind enemy lines in the event of a war.

They earlier wore black berets but now wear Maroon Berets like the once sported by Army’s Special Forces. They also can be spotted wearing Boonie hats. The Garuds are now a part of IAF’s exercises like Iron Fist and Live Wire; they carry Israeli Tavor assault rifles. The force is yet to see major action in war though it has been guarding IAF assets and assisting paramilitary forces in anti-Maoist operations.

Garud Commando Aero India 2017

Garud Commando Uniform

Garud Commando Uniform

Garuds were involved in an operation to neutralise Terrorists in 2016 when 4-5 Terrorists attacked Air Force Station, Pathankot. One Garud personnel was martyred in the operation.

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4. NSG Combat Uniform

The NSG is the country’s Premier Counter-Terrorism outfit working under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. It guards against the challenges posed by terrorists to internal security, such as the one witnessed in Mumbai on 26/11.

The other mandate for the NSG is the protection of VIPs, hostage rescue, anti-hijacking and bomb disposal missions. The force draws heavily from the army but has personnel from other forces as well. Better known as the ‘Black Cats’, the black overalls of its commandos makes them look distinct from other forces of the country.

NSG Uniform

NSG Uniform

NSG Uniform

NSG Uniform
NSG During Pathankot Attack

NSG commandos battled terrorists on 26/11 for over three days before eliminating them. Regional NSG hubs have come up in major metropolitans after the Mumbai attacks in order to ensure a good response time. These commandos carry a range of equipment dependent on the task at hand.

NSG along with Para SF and Garuds were involved in Operation to flush out Terrorists inside Pathankot Airbase in 2016.1 NSG Personnel was martyred and 18 were seriously injured.

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