Here are things you find only in Defence Aspirants that separates them from Other Students

For a Defense Aspirant, everything revolves around the military. When most students of their age think about their hairstyle or their makeup, a defence aspirant thinks about Uniform.They sleep, eat, drink and even breath imagining how their life would be in coming years serving in Indian Armed Forces.

They are a bunch of highly motivated youth who just have a dream of Serving in the Armed Force.s. They are not easily shaken by hurdles in life and learn from their mistakes.

Most defence aspirants carry an ‘unusual’ pride, patriotism and passion for serving the motherland while donning that uniform (yes! with all its badges, at ranks and medals !), either on Land, at Sea or in Air…

While other students dream of landing a good job, heavy package and all that stuff that accompanies it! Defence aspirants have a totally different goal, in mind, all together!

Here are 21 things you find only in  Defence Aspirants that separates Them from Others

1. Defence Aspirants learn to earn, ‘Izzat’ or Respect, in the eyes of their friends, family & fellow countrymen, while doing what they dreamt of, ‘Serving the Nation with pride & honour’.

2. A common thing you will find in a pure defence aspirant is their crew cut (for boys). Even if they are not selected, they try to maintain that crew cut.

3. Every defence aspirant tries to wake up early in morning especially a month before SSB.

4. You can see the hunger for their dream. The way they talk purely reflects what they want. They try to stay away from girls (In most cases).

5.   Defence aspirants generally have a one-dimensional view of the world.

6. Someone asked a military officer, “How much do you earn?” And that officer replied: “Roughly a hundred Salutes every day!”. They wish that one day, they will be able to say the same…

7. They dream of wearing golden rim black Ray-Ban while coming out of their Service Gypsy.

Indian Army uniform

8. They dream of buying a Royal Enfield, some might go for a sports bike.

9. They dream about Su 30mki more than BMW’s, Audi. A Sarkari Gypsy means more to them than those luxury cars.

10. They want stars or stripes on their shoulders, they don’t want a fancy Job at an MNC.

11. They dream about saving millions of lives by putting theirs on line.

12.They have imagined every scenario possible in a gunfight with terrorists and have neutralised the terrorists while saving others.

13. For them, You either like Army/Navy/Air Force or you don’t exist to them

14. The thought of being born in India comes up in their mind at least once in a day and they are thankful for being born here unlike those who have one goal and that is to settle abroad.

Indian Air Force Pilot

15. They have already imagined how their SSB interview would go and what their reply will be when the Interviewing officer asks ” Why do you want to join Army/Air Force/Navy?”.

16. They dream of a life less ordinary, they want to live the most lavish life

17. They dream about doing RAGDA(Punishment given to Cadets at Academy).

18. They dream of olive green(uniform).For them, nothing is more impotent to them than their uniform.

19. They have crossed “ANTIMPAG” hundreds of times in their dreams.

20. They try to bring out OLQ’s (Officer like Qualities) in them. If they don’t possess OLQ’s, they don’t back down. They try to develop them.

21. At the age when everyone around them is busy saying “I love you”, they probably prefer saying “National Defence Academy” 

Indian navy Ship

Share your thoughts with us. Being Defense Aspirant, What do you think separates you from other students.Comment Below.

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