8 Ways to spot a Terrorist in Just One Look

Not one week passes by when we hear of an encounter between Security Forces and terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir. In most cases, We easily neutralise the terrorists before they cause any harm but sometimes they are able to infiltrate our Military bases and wreck havoc.One thing common is that all terrorists who infiltrate from Pakistan wear Indian Army Uniforms.

Locals in J&K are quite used to seeing Army personnel and so wearing Army clothes makes these terrorists slip pass civilians easily.

With the increasing number of infiltrators crossing LOC  and taking shelter in the border villages, it has become very necessary for the people living especially in these areas to find out the difference between a terrorist and the army Jawans. If you are also a fond traveller of the rural areas or visiting Kashmir, these pointers can help you save your own lives alongside being a huge support to the Indian Army.

The Army has been imparting training to people residing along the IB so that they can tell a terrorist from an Indian army Jawan. Militants try their best to portray themselves as Indian soldiers but in the process make many identifiable mistakes primarily in their dress and shoes.

Here are 8 Ways to spot a Terrorist in Just one Look:

  1. Indian soldiers move in large groups, they don’t operate individually. The terrorists never operate in a group of more than four people.
  2. A militant is dressed shabbily and wear different shoes usually sports shoes whereas Indian soldiers always wear a clean uniform with proper footwear.    
  3. All Indian Army Soldiers in J&K are provided with Bullet Proof Jackets. If you see a soldier carrying a weapon and wearing no Bullet Proof vest, inform the Authorities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  4. A Militant would sport a rugged and unkempt bearded look while army jawans always follow a set of norms known to the local people.                             
  5. If you spot someone without a Helmet/Patka, look for other suspicious things. Most soldiers deployed in J&K always wear Helmet.                                 

    Indian Army Soldier Wearing PATKA Helmet
  6.  If you have any information about Military operations, capabilities, security procedures, or vulnerabilities, report anyone who tries to engage you in conversation on any of those points. If you find yourself speaking of anything sensitive, beware of eavesdroppers. This point especially implies to wards(Son/Daughter) of Defence Personnel. If you live near an Airbase or an Army Unit, don’t post about their movement or Aircraft stationed there on social media. You might reveal sensitive security details.                                                                                                                                                                                             
  7. The Indian Security forces as a norm do not ask for lifts from civilians. Militants have taken lifts many a time and even forcibly taken vehicles after killing the owners.
  8. Someone wearing Army uniform but acting suspicious or clumsy. Also looks for Weapon.Indian Soldiers usually carry INSAS or AKM.  



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