IMA Whiskey: A Whiskey You Only Get At Indian Military Academy

The Finest officers in Indian Army are “Created” at The Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.The institution has been turning Boys into Men since the day it was founded on October 1, 1932.

Only a few Survive the brutal Training the Academy Offers.

Every GC (Gentleman Cadet) at IMA  has Tasted IMA Whiskey at least once while at the academy. Now, you might be wondering what is IMA Whiskey? We are here to answer just that.

IMA Whiskey is not actually a Drink or a beverage. It is kind of an exercise cadets have to do at the Academy.

What is IMA Whiskey?

After Training for 4-5 hrs when cadets are not even able to lift their arms, they were made to put their finger down on the ground and go around that finger 20 or so times.

When the cadets complete their circles, they get Giddy. Everything starts spinning and they are not even able to stand.

This is called IMA Whisky or Indian Military Whiskey.

When is this done?

This is usually done after Boxing lessons. After completing IMA WHISKEY, the instructor makes GC’s punch a punching bag 20 times as fast and as hard as the GC’s can possible can hit.

Then they go down again, do circles, hit the punching bag 20 times and then again go down again….

This cycle would go on and on….

Why is this done?

Most GC’s get confused why their instructors would make them do this kind of stuff. This is done because in hand to hand combat when an enemy hits you, you get all dizzy when that first punch lands on your head.

The enemy after hitting first might think that he has knocked the opponent out but suddenly the guy he just hit comes out with 20 fast and strong punches since this has become their Muscle Memory.

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