Does Hand Writing Matter in SSB to Join Indian Armed Forces ?

In the 21st Century, People can easily judge another person through their Hand Writing. With the technology advancing every day, Computers have taken over and handwriting of individuals has also gotten worse.

Most Defence Aspirants (especially Boys) are very shy of their bad hand Writing and worry if that might get them rejected during SSB Interview.

All Entrance exams to Join Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force) are conducted on OMR Sheets and all questions are multiple Choice.

The problem of Handwriting arises only when a candidate is at SSB like in Physicology Test etc.

Does handwriting really Matter?

To some extent. there are no marks for writing in SSB. But your writing should be legible. Psych officer should be able to understand what you have written. He should not have any problem in reading your answers. As long as your writing is readable, it won’t affect your result.

The Only time your writing will affect you SSB  result is if your writing is like this:

We know this is a Bad joke…..

What matters is your personality, the way you behave, the way you lead the group and other Officer Like Qualities.

They lay more emphasis on the qualities that cannot be improved as far as handwriting is concerned it can be improved at any time.

In addition to that, they want you to be a raw material having the spark to become an officer and it can’t be seen from handwriting.

Handwriting doesn’t matter but it should be readable so that psychologist can understand your dossier from your words.

AFSB Incident of Suraj Rawat

This happened when I went to 1 AFSB Dehradun.


Our psychology officer had given us all the instructions for all the events of psychology tests.

Note: this is the only part of SSB where you write stuff.

So, now he was asking all of us if we had any doubt in our minds.

Somehow, a chap stood up with this same doubt and asked whether his writing will be judged or not?

The psychologist laughed it off a little

And then said,

Usually, people are not able to understand what a doctor writes on a prescription but a chemist can easily understand and he is qualified for that.

He further added, similar is the relation in between candidates and us in context with writing.

With that he said NO, you are not judged for your writing. Your performance is judged only on the basis of your thought process & ideas.

To Summerise, Your Personality matters at SSB and not your Writing.

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