The Indian Military Academy Routine to Become “FAUJ FIT” And BLAST OFF FAT

Being Physically Fit is Very Important in our Everyday life and if you are a Defence Aspirant hoping to join the Forces (Indian Military Academy or Officers Training Academy) and serving the Motherland, Being Physically Fit should be your utmost priority.Whether Applying for Officer or Soldier/Airmen/Sailor, Your Fitness Leaves a Deep Impact on your assessor.Though being Overweight does not cause rejection at SSB, it does, however, raises a question on a Candidates Commitment Towards Joining the Forces. Being Fit does not only helps you physically but also improves your confidence and polishes your personality.

According to a study conducted at a Service Hospital near a Selection Centre on 6,166 candidates (5,378 males and 888 females) over a period of five years (2009 – 2013), 1,591 out of the 6,166 candidates were declared unfit owing to different disabilities. Medical disabilities accounted for 19.9 percent of total disabilities; being Overweight and having Cardiac problems were the most common ones.

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Reducing Weight and Getting Fit is not as Easy as it sounds.Most Aspirants who do want to lose weight don’t know how to.Sure, there are Thousands of Articles available Online about Physical Workout but that just adds to the confusion of which one to follow.If you want to be Physically Fit and Fat-Free, you must work like who you want to become.

The physical conditioning strategy at IMA comprises physical training, drills, sports, equitation and swimming. But this is progressive, with a gradual increase in the stress and strain. The idea is to challenge the GCs (Gentlemen Cadets) to meet the mark and then excel.

The outcome is simple: Fight to win. “In battle, there are no runners-up. Each GC is empowered by way of requisite physical capabilities, mental robustness, control of emotions such as pain, hunger, fatigue and fear and, more significantly, leadership traits—wherein lie higher values of selflessness, sacrifice, dignity and death over dishonour. These enable a soldier to take a decision in complex situations,” says Col C Correya, a senior officer at the Academy in charge of training (or TRG, as the Army puts it). The GCs undergo physical training for 40 minutes in the morning, followed by 40 minutes of swimming. The same schedule is repeated in the evening.

This serves to improve their motor qualities and builds speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and agility. To boost strength, for instance, the GCs have to perform the maximum reps of Pushups and Chinups they can in a minute, and for endurance, they have to complete 5km runs, 30km speed marches, and 2.4km walks. In addition, they also undergo advanced training, which includes endurance marches with combat load (which is about 24kg, including the rifle), immediate action drills for complex combat situations, life-saving techniques, field craft and battle craft. Where this becomes extremely important is combating the body’s instinctive “flight” syndrome and switch to the “fight” syndrome. By training the GCs to react quickly and have the physical power to deliver the action, they learn to run towards danger, not away from it.

To Get Fit Like GC’s of Indian Military Academy, Follow this programme and get in Shape:

The focus is not on boosting size, but on making you stronger and more agile“, says a physical training instructor at the IMA. Follow this routine Minimum thrice a week. Between each move, try to rest for not more than 60 seconds and not more than three minutes between the two parts. Repeat this circuit two times.


  • Warm-up (brisk walk for five minutes, breaking into a short sprint, for a total of 100m)
  • Stretching (stand with your feet together and try to touch your toes, but don’t stress your back)
  • Chinups (as many as you can in one minute)
  • Full situps (the maximum reps you can do in one minute)
  • Pushups (at least 14 but as many as you can in one minute)
  • Short sprint (about 100m)
  • Chest-touches (as many as you can do in one minute)
  • Toe touches (grab an overhead bar with arms a little more than shoulder-width apart. Keeping your feet together, pull your legs up to your chest and then rotate your body and try to touch the bar with your toes. Keep your head is in line with your shoulders throughout the move)
  • Stretching (stand with your feet together, clasp your hands together, raise them as high as you can and then rise on your toes. Hold for a count of 10)
  • A brisk walk (about 100m)


  • Forward rolls (Use a gym mat to perform as many as you can in one minute)
  • Squats without any weight (as many as you can in one minute)
  • Back rolls (this is tricky, so instead do this: Lie on your stomach, feet together and arms bent alongside your chest. Rise up as you straighten your arms-.your torso should be at a 45-degree angle to the floor.)
  • Stair climbing (do this for two minutes and use the balls of your feet to rise and step)
  • Cool-down (do a full-body stretch and hold for a count of 10)

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