Taser’s XREP-“One Of the deadliest non lethal weapon”

There are many incidents in which armed forces  need to subdue a person or group of people without using lethal force.They use variety of tools and tactics to achieve this goal.Some of those tools include items like riot shields, batons,pellet guns ,PAVA shells and tear gas.

One less-than-lethal tool is the Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle, or Taser.

A Taser is an electronic control device (ECD). The typical Taser device is a handheld gadget that fires a pair of pins attached  to the handset by electrical wires. The handset sends pulses of high voltage electricity to the pins. Anyone shot by a Taser will experience neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI).

As a result subject will lose the ability to control his or her muscles. This makes the subject to fall down and give time to forces to take action against the subject.


Size: 12 gauge

Weight: 25 grams

Speed: 270 ft. per second

Range: 100 ft.

Current: 1.3 milliampere


Transformer: This converts energy from the battery to discharge 1.3 milliamps of current for 20 seconds.

Microprocessor: Once the circuit is complete, an onboard computer commands the voltage capacitor to fire, modulating the intensity, duration and shape of the current.

Power: 2 lithium batteries power the microprocessor and electrical circuitry.

Shell: The circuitry is potted inside shock-absorbing plastic to ensure that it survives the force of the shotgun blast and collision with the target.

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