CDS 2 2020 Notification Out! All You Need To Know

UPSC has released Notification for CDS 2 2020 inviting applicants to apply and become officers in Indian Armed Forces. COMBINED DEFENCE SERVICES EXAMINATION (CDSE) is a well-anticipated exam among defence aspirants. The exam gives an opportunity for graduates to become Officers in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. Though there was speculation that the exam this year will be postponed due to COVID 19 but this is not the case. The CDS 2 exam will be scheduled as usual on 8th November 2020 and there will be no change in its date as of yet.

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We have broken down all the necessary information you will be needing before beginning the application process for CDS 2 2020 below. If you already aware of it and want to apply directly,


(a) Nationality:

  1. Citizen of India, or
  2. Subject of Nepal, or
  3. A person of Indian origin who has migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka and East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire and Ethiopia or Vietnam with the intention of permanently settling in India.

(b) Age Limits:

1. Indian Military Academy: Unmarried male candidates born not earlier than 2nd July 1997 and not later than 1st July 2002.

2. Indian Naval Academy: Unmarried male candidates born not earlier than 2nd July 1997 and not later than 1st July 2002.

3. Air Force Academy: 20 to 24 years as on 1st July 2021 i.e. born not earlier than 2nd July 1997 and not later than 1st July 2001.

4. Officers’ Training Academy (Men): Unmarried male candidates born not earlier than 2nd July 1996 and not later than 1st July 2002 only are eligible.

5. Officers’ Training Academy (Women): Unmarried women born not earlier than 2nd July 1996 and not later than 1st July 2002.


1.  Indian Military Academy and Officers’ Training Academy: Degree of a recognised University or equivalent.

2. For Indian Naval Academy: Degree in Engineering from a recognised University/Institution.

3. For Air Force Academy: Degree of a recognised University (with Physics and Mathematics at 10+2 level) or Bachelor of Engineering.

There is no percentage bar on graduation. Anyone with any percentage can apply as long as they have graduated/will be graduating.
Graduates with the first choice as Army/Navy/Air Force are to submit proof of Graduation/provisional certificates on the date of commencement of the SSB Interview.
Students in Final Year/Semester can also apply provided they should not have any present backlog up to the last semester/year for which results have been declared up to the time of submission of application and they will be required to submit proof of passing the degree examination at the time of commencement of course(2021). Students who have a backlog but will clear it before SSB Interview can apply.


1. Indian Military Academy, Dehradun— 100 [including 13 vacancies reserved for NCC `C’ Certificate (Army Wing) holders]

151 (Direct Entry) Course commencing in July 2021

2. Officers’ Training Academy(Men), Chennai:  169

114th SSC (Non-Techincal)Course commencing in October 2021

3. Officers’ Training Academy(Women), Chennai:  17

28th SSC Women (Non-Techincal)  Course commencing in October 2021

4. Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala: 26  [including 06 vacancies for NCC ‘C’ Certificate (Naval Wing) holders ]

Course commencing in July 2021 Executive (General Service)/Hydro

5. Air Force Academy, Hyderabad: 32  [including 03 vacancies are reserved for NCC `C’ Certificate (Air Wing) holders]

No. 210 F(P) Course(Pre-Flying) commencing in July 2021


Date of Notification/Beginning of Application: 5th August 2020

Closing of Application/Last Date to Apply: 25th August 2020 by 6:00 PM

Date of commencement of Exam/Exam Date: 8th November 2020

Written Exam Result: December 2020


Before starting the application process, have the following documents with you as will be needing them for completing the CDS 2 2020 application process.

  1. Photo ID Card ( Aadhaar Card/Voter Card/PAN Card/Passport/Driving Licence/Any other Photo ID Card issued by the State/Central Government). This photo ID will be used for all future reference related to CDS 2 2020 and the candidate is advised to carry this ID while appearing for examination/Personality Test/SSB. Choose this ID card carefully.
  2. Scanned copy of the above Photo ID Card in PDF form.
  3. Scanned Passport Size Photo (Take a clear picture with your camera)
  4. Scanned Signature (Put down your signature on clean white paper and take a clear picture of it)
  5. Have an online payment method(Debit Card) ready. One can apply offline too but Online is much more recommended.


The CDS 2 2020 Application Process is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 includes filing basic details like Name, Qualification, Priority, Payment etc. Part 2 includes uploading documents (Picture, Signature and Photo ID PDF)
Candidates are required to apply online by using the website We have created a direct link for you.


The Written Exam for CDS 2 2020 will be MCQ based on an OMR sheet. The subjects of the written examination, the time allowed and the maximum marks allotted to each subject will be as follows:
1. For Admission to Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy and Air Force Academy:

CDS 2 2020

2. For Admission to Officers’ Training Academy:


CDS 2 2020



The standard of the papers in Elementary Mathematics will be of Matriculation level(Class 10th). The standard of papers in other subjects will approximately be such as may be expected of a graduate of an Indian University.



The question paper will be designed to test the candidates’ understanding of English and workmanlike use of words. Topics include Comprehension, Error Correction, Synonyms, Antonyms, rearranging words, Cloze Test etc.


General Knowledge including extensive knowledge of current events general Knoweleges is the toughest part of the examination. The paper will include questions on History, Geography, Politics, Environmental Studies, Economy, Finances, Defence, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. This should be the prime focus of every candidate from day 1. The qualifying marks is 20 out of 100 but still more than 80% fail to score even 20 marks.

ELEMENTARY MATHEMATICS (For IMA, INA, AFA {Mathamatics is not a subject for OTA Candidates)

Number System—Natural numbers, Integers, Rational and Real numbers. Fundamental operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Square roots, Decimal fractions. Unitary method, time and distance, time and work, percentages, applications to simple and compound interest, profit and loss, ratio and proportion, variation. Elementary Number Theory—Division algorithm. Prime and composite numbers. Tests of divisibility by 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 11. Multiples and factors. Factorisation Theorem. H.C.F. and L.C.M. Euclidean algorithm. Logarithms to base 10, laws of logarithms, use of logarithmic tables.


Basic Operations, simple factors, Remainder Theorem, H.C.F., L.C.M., Theory of polynomials, solutions of quadratic equations, the relation between its roots and coefficients (Only real roots to be considered). Simultaneous linear equations in two unknowns—analytical and graphical solutions. Simultaneous linear inequations in two variables and their solutions. Practical problems leading to two simultaneous linear equations or inequations in two variables or quadratic equations in one variable & their solutions. Set language and set notation, Rational expressions and conditional identities, Laws of indices.


Sine ×, cosine ×, Tangent × when 0° < × < 90° Values of sin ×, cos × and tan ×, for × = 0°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° Simple trigonometric identities. Use of trigonometric tables. Simple cases of heights and distances.


Lines and angles, Plane and plane figures, Theorems on (i) Properties of angles at a point, (ii) Parallel lines, (iii) Sides and angles of a triangle, (iv) Congruency of triangles, (v) Similar triangles, (vi) Concurrence of medians and altitudes, (vii) Properties of angles, sides and diagonals of a parallelogram, rectangle and square, (viii) Circles and its properties including tangents and normals, (ix) Loci.


Areas of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangle and circle. Areas of figures which can be split up into these figures (Field Book), Surface area and volume of cuboids, lateral surface and volume of right circular cones and cylinders, surface area and volume of spheres.


Collection and tabulation of statistical data, Graphical representation frequency polygons, histograms, bar charts, pie charts etc. Measures of central tendency.

We at strongly advice you to apply as soon as possible and not wait for the last day. Reason being that there is a limit on number of applicants allotted to each of the exam centres except Chennai, Dispur, Kolkata and Nagpur. Allotment of Centres will be on the first-apply-first-allot basis and once the capacity of a particular Centre is attained, the same will be frozen. Applicants, who cannot get a centre of their choice due to the ceiling, will be required to choose a Centre from the remaining ones. Applicants are, thus, advised that they may apply early so that they could get a Centre of their choice.

We will further be making posts about which portion to focus on, How to create a timetable, How to distribute time etc. Bookmark our website and subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates. If you have any queries regarding registration or examination, feel free to CONTACT US.

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