Agnipath: Tour of Duty, Who Are Agniveers? What Is This Entry Scheme?

The Cabinet Committee on Security has approved the Agnipath Tour of Duty Entry Scheme. Under this scheme, Young men and women will join the armed forces for a short period of 4 years. This scheme is scheduled to be implemented this year and 46,000 Agniveers will be recruited in 2022.

What is Agnipath Scheme?

The Agnipath scheme allows both men and women to become Solider, Sailors and Airmen in the Indian Armed Forces for 4 years. This four-year “Tour of Duty” also includes training for 6 months. Those recruited under this scheme will be called “Agniveers”. Once the Agniveers have completed their 4 years of service, they will be paid a hefty sum of 11 Lakh Rupees and their services will be terminated with the armed forces. Up to 25% of the Agniveers may be retained based on performance in the last 4 years and vacancy but it is safe to assume that most will be asked to leave the force after a period of 4 years.

Why is Agnipath Scheme implemented?

The armed forces have been looking to reduce their size for better resource allocation. A huge chunk of the defence budget is spent on salaries and pensions which affects the accusation of new technology. This scheme aims at reducing the money spent on pensions and other facilities and allocating the money for purchasing better equipment.

Eligibility criteria for Agniveers

AGE LIMIT: 17.5 Years to 21 Years on the day of joining.

Education Qualification: It will depend on service. Complete details are yet to be released by the ministry.

For Army, a candidate has to clear class 10th for general duty.

For Air Force Y group, the candidate needs to have completed Class 12th with 50% total marks and 50% marks in English.

For the Navy, the Candidate needs to have cleared class 12th with 55% marks and Physics, Chemistry and Maths as main subjects

What are the benefits of this Scheme?

The primary benefits will be seen by the youths that want to join the forces without a long-term commitment. This scheme will also allow the armed forces to induct youths in large numbers. It will instil discipline, patriotism and a sense of purpose along with shaping the mind of youths.

As for monetary benefits, these are stated below:

agniveer salary agnipath

Aside from the stated salary, Agniveers will be given additional allowances based on their posting. Once the 4 years of service is complete, 25% of Agniveers from the entire batch will be given the opportunity to become regular soldiers in the forces. If they decide to do so, they will have to serve a minimum of 15 years.

When is Agnipath Recruitment starting?

The latest recruitment rally under this scheme will start this year itself. The first rally is likely going to be held in October 2022. Around 46,000 Agniveers are expected to be recruited this year alone.

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