Court of Inquiry finds that the AN-32 crash off Chennai on 22 July was caused due to icing.

Russia-made medium transporter aircraft AN-32–the mainstay workhorse of the Indian Air Force (IAF)–will no longer ferry personnel, or civilians, the Indian Air Force has told the Ministry of Defence. It has also recommended that the entire fleet of AN-32s to be replaced as soon as possible. This follows a Court of Inquiry into the crash … Read more

Ships in search of missing AN-32 Aircraft zero it down to 6 probable locations

Hopes of tracing the missing Indian Air Force AN-32 aircraft which went missing with 29 on board on July 22, has brightened with two government ships zeroing in on possible six locations where the wreckage of the plane could be found. Sagar Nidhi, a ship belonging to Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), … Read more

IAF’s An-32 Crash ends Young Navy Man’s Dream

During his growing up days, Purnachandra Senapati had only one aim, to provide his mother and siblings with a better life. He had seen his mother toil to make ends meet and feed her three sons and daughter. Determined to stand by his family, Purnachandra joined the Indian Navy in 2014. But on July 22, … Read more