UK warships shadowing Russian naval task force

Two British warships are shadowing an aircraft carrier and other Russian naval ships as they pass the UK on their way to Syria. Sources suggest the carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and its task force may sail through the English Channel overnight, after leaving the North Sea. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said the ships would be … Read more

Russia Is Building Fallout Shelters to Prepare for a Potential Nuclear Strike

Managers of the Zenit Arena, a giant half-built stadium in St. Petersburg, received an official letter from the Ministry of Emergency Situations last week demanding that they immediately create shelter facilities for wartime. The stadium, under construction for the upcoming World Cup 2018, is located outside the city boundaries, the letter said, but in case … Read more

Here’s What Moscow Plans to Do About North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions

Last Friday, Pyongyang announced that it had carried out another nuclear test, the fifth and largest since the country began pursuing nuclear and ballistic missile programs a decade ago. The test led to unanimous condemnation from the international community, particularly from the United States and its South Korean and Japanese allies, but also from Russia … Read more

India hopes Russia will rethink drills with Pakistan

India is hopeful that Russia will not offer military supplies or hold joint military drills with Islamabad, keeping Delhi’s sensitivity in mind. Even as geopolitics is evolving fast with Moscow making certain military overtures to Islamabad, Delhi is expanding its strategic partnership with Russia that will be showcased during President Vladimir Putin’s visit for the … Read more

Pakistan Interested in Russian Air Defense Systems, Tanks

The Pakistani armed forces show deep interest in Russian air defense systems and tanks. “Our army services are [showing] keen interest in different Russian products. We are looking for the air platform, for any sorts of helicopters; for the Army, we are looking for tanks, we are looking for anti-tanks weapon system and more importantly … Read more

US says Russian Jet flew 10ft from Plane over Black Sea

The Pentagon says a Russian fighter plane flew within about 10ft (3m) of one of its reconnaissance aircraft operating over the Black Sea. US officials described the intercept by the SU-27 jet on Wednesday as “dangerous and unprofessional”. Russia’s defence ministry said the US plane had been approaching Russian territory and the SU-27 pilots had … Read more

India considers buying four new, upgraded Talwar-class stealth frigates; Russia submits proposal

India and Russia are back at the table to discuss advancing their defence co-operation. The two countries are trying to breathe life into some of the stalled defence projects like joint development of the fifth-generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) and Kamov Ka-226T light utility helicopters at the two-day 16th India-Russia Military Technical Cooperation Working Group (MTC-WG) meeting. … Read more

Russian Defense Ministry to Buy at Least 1 PAK FA Fighter Squadron in 2017

The Russian Defense Ministry plans to purchase at least one Sukhoi T-50 (PAK FA) fifth-generation fighter squadron next year, Deputy Minister Yuri Borisov said Wednesday. “Mass production of the PAK FA will start in 2017, according to the plan. We will buy at least one squadron of these aircraft in the first batch,” Borisov told … Read more

Yemen prepared to open bases to Russia to battle terrorism: Ex-President Saleh

Yemen Ready to set up russian bases

Yemen’s former President Ali Abdullah Saleh says the new government in the country is ready to cooperate with Russia against terrorism by allowing Russian access to Yemeni military bases. “Russia is the closest to us and we extend our hand to Russia to cooperate in the field of combating terrorism,” Saleh said in an interview … Read more

US military Commander cautions Russia and Syria: “We will defend ourselves”

U.S Special Forces in Syria

A top US military commander has warned the forces of President Bashar al-Assad “we will defend ourselves” after Syrian planes and artillery launched operations in an area where American special forces are located. The US dispatched a small number of special forces troops to northern Syria to assist Kurdish Pershmerga and support Syrian rebel groups seeking … Read more

America’s F-22 and F-35 Stealth Fighters vs. Russia’s S-300, S-400 and S-500

S-400 VS F-22

Russian air defenses may appear formidable as part of Moscow’s increasingly sophisticated anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capability, but areas protected by these systems are far from impenetrable bubbles or ‘Iron Domes’ as some analysts have called them. While it is true that a layered and integrated air defense may effectively render large swaths of airspace too … Read more

Russia using Cluster Bombs in Syria says Report

After a breakdown of the recent cease-fire in Syria, Russian and Syrian air forces have resumed a bombing campaign that has extensively used cluster munitions, killing and maiming dozens of civilians, a leading human rights group said in a report released Thursday. The report by the New York-based Human Rights Watch documented 47 different cluster munition attacks across three … Read more

All you neeed to know about the downing of the Russian helicopter in Syria

Russian Helicopter shot down

On Aug. 1 Al-Nusra Front militants shot down a Russian Mi-8 military-transportation helicopter in Idlib Province. All five crew members died. What do we know about the attack and how could the death of the Russian officers been prevented ? 1. Where was the Mi-8 flying? The Mi-8 military transportation helicopter was flying to the … Read more

Russian-Made Sunflower Radar Is Capable of Detecting F-35 Jets

Russian Sunflower Radar

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is the most advanced aircraft in the Pentagon’s arsenal, but Russia’s powerful over-the-horizon Podsolnukh (Sunflower) radar is capable of detecting and tracking the stealth fifth-generation plane or any other fighter jet that was designed to avoid detection, Svobodnaya Pressa reported. The Podsolnukh short-range over-the-horizon surface-wave radar is developed by … Read more