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Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 How to Join Garud Commando Force ?

Ans: Garud’s are Special Forces Unit of the Indian Air Force. They were formed to protect Vital Air Force Installations as well as to assist IAF in Various Operations.               One can Join Garud in two ways.

1.For Officers :

Officers for GARUD units are filled by the cadets of ground duty at Air force Academy (AFA), Dundigal. After getting trained at AFA, they get into the Garud Commando Force.Officers from Technical and Ground Duty staff are eligible to apply for Garud.

2.Airmen :

The selection for GARUD is done directly and not from volunteers, through Airmen Section Centers. Recruitment is initiated by the release of notification/ advertisement. Most interestingly, there is no second chance for selection.After selection, you have to make grade during your training schedule. And if you fail, you are out. After the completion of training, the trainees are merged into the force. After joining the force, one keeps in this stream till he serves in Indian Air force.

Q.2 How to Join Para Commando ?

Ans: These are various ways to Join Para SF

1. For Cadets of IMA and OTA :

Pre Commission. Volunteer GCs from IMA/OTA will be commissioned at the scale of two officers per battalion per year. These officers will be allotted a parent regiment by MS Branch.

2. For Officers serving in the Indian Army :

Officers from all Arms and Services can volunteer for the Parachute Regiment subject to them having less than five years service on the day they volunteer, being in medical category SHAPE-I and being graded `EXCELLENT’ in BPET. These officers will retain their affiliated to their Regiment/Corps (as parent regiment).

     2. PBOR –

Any soldier serving with the Indian Army can volunteer for Para Special Forces.Recruitment to the Parachute Regiment will be carried out under the aegis of Parachute Regiment TrainingCenter (PRTC) with assistance from Recruiting Directorate, wherever required. In addition, volunteers from Arms/Services will also be permitted to join the Regiment. AG Branch/MP Dte (MP-3) would release recruiting vacancies accordingly.On completion of basic militarytraining (BMT) at PRTC, individuals will be allotted a parent Inf Regiment by Infantry Dte under intimation to AG’s Branch/MP Dte (MP-3). The young soldiers will then be dispatched to respective battalions to undergo probation and final selection.

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Q.3 How to Join MARCOS ?

Ans: These are various ways to be part of MARCOS:

1. Officers :

All Marcos personnel are supposed to be male.Officer aspirants who want to join MARCOS are inducted in the Indian navy through NDA, CDS, SSC.There is no direct selection procedure for them.Any Aspirant who wants to join MARCOS should be part of Navy first.

     2. Sailor :

All MARCOS personal whether Officer or Sailor are selected when they are in their early 20s and have to go through a stringent selection process and training.Any Aspirant who wants to join MARCOS should be part of Navy first.Recruitment for Sailors is done Directly through notification/ advertisement.

Q.4  Can Infantry Jawans Join Para SF ?

Ans: Yes,they can. Jawans serving with Army can opt for Parachute Regiment and then for Para SF after completing probation and training

Q.5 Are you allowed to Grow Beard in Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy ?

Ans: No,they can’t. Except for Sikhs and Special Forces Operative serving the Indian Armed Forces, No other personnel either Officer or Soldier/Airmen/Sailor are allowed to grow Beard.

Q.6 Which Gun is used by  para commando?

Ans: Para SF Operatives use a wide range of Weapons but they mostly use Tavor Assault Rifle and its variants.

Q.7 How to Join Indian Army as Officer without giving SSB ?

Ans: There is no way one can do that. Any Officer serving the Indian Armed forces be it Army, Air Force or Navy cannot join as Officers without appearing for SSB.

Q.8 Can an Airmen join Para SF ?

Ans: No, They Can’t. Any personnel either in Air force or Navy cannot join Para SF. Only Officers and Jawans in Indian Army can opt for Para SF

Q.9 Do I need Coaching to clear SSB?

Ans: It all depends on you. In many cases, It has been noted that the candidates who took Tuitions from Institutes get rejected more often  than others.

Q.10 Can a person with Knock Knees Join Indian Army ?

Ans: No, the can’t.One cannot Join Indian Armed Forces with Knock Knees, Flat Foot or any other disabilities.You can however fix knck knees and Flat foot to an extent that you Qualify.Consult a Doctor or Gym Trainer for that.

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