Japan may reduce the price for $1.6 Billion Aircraft Deal for the sale of ShinMaywa US-2 Amphibious Aircraft

Japan is negotiating the sale of Shinmaywa US-2 search and rescue aircraft with India, not for any economic gain but because it considers India a friendly country, Tokyo has said amid reports that the deal for 12 amphibious aircraft had collapsed over pricing and technology transfer issues. Top Japanese defence ministry sources told TOI in … Read more

How dangerous is it to eject from a Fighter Jet?

YOU have a one in three chance of breaking your spine – but you are trading a violent event for probable death, says Swinburne University researcher in aviation medicine David Newman. As a civilian pilot and former Royal Australian Air Force doctor, Dr Newman explains this ”escape mechanism of last resort”. Walk us through it. … Read more

Have you ever wondered about the type of fuel Airplanes use ? Answer will shock you…

We all travel in them,We want to travel in them and some of us event want to pilot them.Airplanes are one of those things which even God couldn’t master and we did.When these beauties tear through the sky,It makes everyone wish they could fly them. But do you know what fuel does Airplanes require to … Read more