How to join Indian Air Force as a Pilot

Indian Air Force Cockpit pilot

Becoming a Pilot in Indian Air Force is a great accomplishment and rightfully so. Indian Air Force is one of the largest Air Forces in the world with over 1,700+ Aircraft and over 1,30,000+ Personnel. Indian Air Force flies a wide range of Aircraft from Air Superiority Fighters like Su-30MKI to Ground Attack Aircraft capable … Read more

India set to emerge as 3rd largest aviation market: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said his government was working on a mission mode for expansion of the aviation sector and that India was poised to become the third largest aviation market in the world. Praising his government for being the first to come out with an aviation policy, Modi said, “It is estimated … Read more

India may soon have no-fly list of unruly travellers

Unruly flyers who seriously endanger flight security or prove to be a threat to co-passengers and crew may soon be barred from taking to the skies. India is considering its own version of a No-Fly List as part of a massive aviation security revamp that has been taken up at the highest levels of the … Read more

Have you ever wondered about the type of fuel Airplanes use ? Answer will shock you…

We all travel in them,We want to travel in them and some of us event want to pilot them.Airplanes are one of those things which even God couldn’t master and we did.When these beauties tear through the sky,It makes everyone wish they could fly them. But do you know what fuel does Airplanes require to … Read more