Captured and Tortured in Pakistan : An Untold Story of an IAF Pilot (first POW of India during Kargil War)

Kambampati Nachiketa

“How badly did they torture you?” I asked Group Captain K Nachiketa. He kept silent for a moment, looked down and then at me straight in the eye. “The torture was quite bad. There comes a point where you think ‘death is simpler,’ but fortunately for me, the third degree part, which is the last … Read more

How dangerous is it to eject from a Fighter Jet?

YOU have a one in three chance of breaking your spine – but you are trading a violent event for probable death, says Swinburne University researcher in aviation medicine David Newman. As a civilian pilot and former Royal Australian Air Force doctor, Dr Newman explains this ”escape mechanism of last resort”. Walk us through it. … Read more