An Open letter by A Soldier to his Fellow Soldiers

The situation in Kashmir is deteriorating and Somehow soldiers are blamed for it.News Channels and Political Parties are only showing how helpless Kashmirs are.Everyone is saying that it is  Army’s Fault and usage of Pellet Gun should be stopped .All these statement along with how people treat Armed Forcesmakes Us Wonder how does a Soldier … Read more

This Indian Army Major’s Open Letter To Burhan Wani Is A Warning For Every Terrorist Trying To Tear Apart Kashmir

indian army

Burhan Wani was a terrorist and was treated like one. What’s been happening ever since his death is a display of sad state of affairs in Kashmir. While the population stands divided on the Burhan Wani’s death, an Indian Army veteran, Major Gaurav Arya has penned down an open letter directed at Wani. If rightly … Read more