India launches race to build fighter jet

India has kick-started a race to supply fighter jets for its air force in what could be among the world’s most lucrative military aerospace contracts, with international defence companies lining up to pitch for as much as $10bn worth of business. ompanies worldwide have received letters in the past few days from the Indian government … Read more

UK warships shadowing Russian naval task force

Two British warships are shadowing an aircraft carrier and other Russian naval ships as they pass the UK on their way to Syria. Sources suggest the carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and its task force may sail through the English Channel overnight, after leaving the North Sea. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said the ships would be … Read more

Ready for World War 3? Russia Tells US to Get Ready for War

 Russian military experts have threatened the United States and asked it to be prepared for World War 3 to commence soon. The tension between Russia and the US has been increasing, with a series of attacks and counter-attacks taking place between them. America has also accused the former of “war crimes” in Syria earlier that … Read more

Russia Is Building Fallout Shelters to Prepare for a Potential Nuclear Strike

Managers of the Zenit Arena, a giant half-built stadium in St. Petersburg, received an official letter from the Ministry of Emergency Situations last week demanding that they immediately create shelter facilities for wartime. The stadium, under construction for the upcoming World Cup 2018, is located outside the city boundaries, the letter said, but in case … Read more

Russia and the West: Where did it all go wrong?

It is hard to imagine a period since the end of the Cold War when relations between Russia and the United States have been quite so bad. US officials have described the joint Russian-Syrian onslaught against Aleppo as “barbarism” and warned that war crimes are being carried out. The Russian president has spoken explicitly about … Read more

The CIA is Preparing for a Major Cyberattack Against Russia

NBC News reports that the CIA is developing scenarios for an electronic attack on Russian leadership. According to sources including current government officials, the intent is to “embarrass” top Russian officials through “clandestine” and widespread hacking. Vice President Joe Biden seemed to be pointing to just such a possibility during an appearance on Meet the … Read more

India may soon have no-fly list of unruly travellers

Unruly flyers who seriously endanger flight security or prove to be a threat to co-passengers and crew may soon be barred from taking to the skies. India is considering its own version of a No-Fly List as part of a massive aviation security revamp that has been taken up at the highest levels of the … Read more

Joint Exercise “Yudh Abhyas 2016” to begin in Uttarakhand from Tomorrow

As part of the ongoing Indo-US defence cooperation, a joint military training exercise, ‘Yudh Abhyas 2016’ is set to be conducted in Uttarakhand from September 14 to 27, a military official said on Monday. The exercise in Chaubattia was being conducted by the headquarter Central Command. “It is a series of one of the longest-running … Read more

Army exercise with US, Russia and China soon

The Indian Army is set to have back-to-back war games with the US and Russia, signifying yet another evidence of its acceptability as a partner to international military powers. While the two-week mock drill with the US Army, named Exercise Yudh Abhyas, is set to commence at Chaubatia military station in Ranikhet on September 14, … Read more

India not likely to set up Production line of F-16 – US Official

India is not likely to come to a resolution in ‘transfer of technology’ in the production of F16 and other fighter jets “for at least a year and a half”, a top Pentagon official has said. “Obviously technology transfer is something that India is really really hoping for — looking for so how much we’re … Read more

Japan may reduce the price for $1.6 Billion Aircraft Deal for the sale of ShinMaywa US-2 Amphibious Aircraft

Japan is negotiating the sale of Shinmaywa US-2 search and rescue aircraft with India, not for any economic gain but because it considers India a friendly country, Tokyo has said amid reports that the deal for 12 amphibious aircraft had collapsed over pricing and technology transfer issues. Top Japanese defence ministry sources told TOI in … Read more

India Condemns Nuclear Test conducted by North Korea

Close on the heels of North Korea’s nuclear missile test on Friday, India, along with the United States of America, Japan South Korea and China, condemned the act. In a statement to the media, the Ministry of External Affairs said, “We call upon North Korea to refrain from such actions which adversely impact peace and … Read more

US says Russian Jet flew 10ft from Plane over Black Sea

The Pentagon says a Russian fighter plane flew within about 10ft (3m) of one of its reconnaissance aircraft operating over the Black Sea. US officials described the intercept by the SU-27 jet on Wednesday as “dangerous and unprofessional”. Russia’s defence ministry said the US plane had been approaching Russian territory and the SU-27 pilots had … Read more

Indian Army to develop own Command Level War Game Simulator

The Indian Army is attempting to develop an indigenous software for what is called a simulated command post exercises (CPX), on the likes of the US Army. Sources at the Army headquarters said that the computer-driven CPX involving the participation by command, staff, and communication personnel will be a high point of the upcoming India-US … Read more

US likely to make sale of Guardian drones to India

The US is likely to make a positive decision on India’s request for state-of-the-art unarmed Guardian drones for maritime surveillance, especially in the Indian Ocean. The move comes after India was designated a major defence partner of the US in June. Within weeks of that designation, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US President Barack … Read more

Parrikar visits US facility that will build Chinook Heavy-Lift Helicopters for India

On Wednesday, wrapping up his three-day visit to the US, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar flew from Washington to Philadelphia to visit Boeing’s rotorcraft facility, where India’s Chinook helicopters will be built, starting next year. Business Standard visited the Philadelphia unit ahead of that visit. Parrikar was taken to a former locomotive manufacturing plant, which Boeing … Read more

Parrikar’s trip to US rescheduled to ink Logistics Exchange Agreement Faster

Mannohar Parrikar to sign logistics agreement in US

Any residual doubts about the intensity of the strategic engagement between India and the United States should dissipate with the meeting next week in Washington DC between the American Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and his Indian counterpart Manohar Parikkar, their third pow-wow in nine months. The meeting will be book-ended by the US-India Strategic and … Read more

Pakistan needs to stop Housing terrorists: US

Urging Pakistan yet again to deny safe haven to terrorists, the US has told it to not discriminate among terror groups operating from its territory. US State Department’s Director of Press Office Elizabeth Trudeau on Thursday said: “We have consistently raised our concerns to the highest level of the Pakistani government on the need to … Read more

India to share Military Facilities with U.S for Air Force and Navy

Ships and aircraft of the US and India will soon be able to use other bases for refueling, refurbishment and replenishment. A long-pending agreement for this is set to be signed when Defence Ministry Manohar Parrikar visits USA on August 29 “The draft agreement has been accepted by both sides,”  said a senior Defence Ministry … Read more

Story of an Indian Pilot who destroyed Chuck Yeager’s ( the first Man to break sound barrier ) Aircraft

Pakistan in 1971 encompassed both the present-day country and the more populous East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. The country’s two wings were separated by a thousand miles of Indian territory and a massive cultural barrier. From its inception, Pakistan had been ruled by the politicians and soldiers of the West Wing, whose view of their Eastern … Read more