9 Women in Combat Roles in Indian Defence Forces whose stories will definitely Inspire You

With most of the combat positions being overwhelmingly male, women for a long part of the history were missing from the armed forces around the globe. There have been multitude of reasons mentioned for the lack of a decent ratio – women being physically weaker, psychologically more emotional or tactically less strategic but there have been no … Read more

Let her fly, let her be airborne all the time, says Supreme Court on woman IAF officer

Giving wings to Wing Commander Sandeep Kaur’s endeavour to get Permanent Commission in the Indian Air Force (IAF), the Supreme Court has asked the service to consider her demand. The IAF at present does not give Permanent Commission to women officers, who joined the service on Short Service Commission. Following the Delhi High Court order, Kaur … Read more

IAF plans to Gather Data and conduct deep Research on first three female fighter pilots

The Indian Air Force is examining a proposal to gather data on the performance of its first female fighter pilots, potential difficulties due to physiological attributes and cultural issues in the male-dominated military, HT has learnt. The proposal, made by a leading woman aviation psychologist and accident investigator in the IAF, is under consideration of … Read more

Latest Batch of Women Pilots in IAF Don’t Pick Fighters, Opt For Transport And Helicopters Instead

Following the commissioning of India’s first set of women fighter pilots in June this year, not a single female pilot has volunteered to join the fighter aircraft team. The news comes exactly a year after the IAF Chief Arup Raina invited women officers to join his team in the cockpit of fighter planes. From the … Read more